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An instrumental is a musical composition or recording without lyrics, singing, or any other sort of vocal input; all of the music is produced by musical instruments. Music is universal, and to discover the music of a culture is to discover the culture as a whole. As a wise man once said, "The truest expression of people is in its dances and in its music." Dreamcatcher is a band playing instrumental music of various styles. It is intended to create artistic inspiration, relaxation and optimism and is a perfect recording for meditation or as a gift to our loved ones to create a peaceful atmosphere in home or other environments. As the world becomes smaller and smaller and multiculturalism becomes forthcoming, Dreamcatcher arises to bring people together from all origins to speak a common universal language that is ‘Music’. Dreamcatcher uses ethnic and modern forms of art and instruments with a new freshness that is authentic and compositions that are original. If you’re at all into the Instrumental Music scene, now there’s a new name on the horizon – Dreamcatcher - Ambiance Music Mesmerizing Dream.