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Shaded Enmity albums on Itunes....

Due to high demand, our 2005 album "Thought and Remembrance" is now available for digital purchase through Cd Baby. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/shadedenmity3 A physical copy of the album will be available at the CdBaby store within the next two days. In addition, "Like Prayers on Deaf Ears" and "Thought and Remembrance" will be in the Itunes, Amazon, Emusic, and many other stores within the next week should anyone be interested in purchasing the album through those sites. As always, we love to hear from our fans so if you would like to order anything from us personally, just send an email to shadedenmity@gmail.com and we will respond. Merchandise options are available in the photo section of our facebook. Thanks to everyone for your continued support. www.facebook.com -Joe

Shaded Enmity news!

Just got in the results from ITunes Europe... We have sold more than 300 digital copies of the album through ITunes Europe in the last quarter! We would like to thank everyone who has bought a copy of the album whether it be digital or physical. All your money goes to keep this band playing. If you have downloaded our album for free, (several thousand of you have) all we ask is that you share it with others. Also, 2009 "Like Prayers on Deaf Ears" and 2005 "Thought and Remembrance" will be available for physical and digital purchase through Itunes and other sites. Anyone interested in purchasing any of our albums can do so at www.cdbaby.com/shadedenmity2 or you can find us at ITunes, Amazon MP3, and tons of others sites. If you would like to order a cd from us personally, send us an email at shadedenmity@gmail.com and Joe will get back to you. Thanks again to all of our fans Joe Nurre- Shaded Enmity

New album "Hijo Perdido" OUT NOW!!!

Our new album "Hijo Perdido" is officially out. Contact shadedenmity@gmail.com for ordering information. It is also available for digital download for only $7.00 from http://shadedenmity.bandcamp.com/album/hijo-perdido

Purchasing "Like Prayers on Deaf Ears"

Anyone interested in purchasing our full length album "Like Prayers on Deaf Ears" can go to www.cdbaby.com/shadedenmity