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WTB back on The Anodized Chef

The Anodized Chef, a kick-ass heavy-metal cooking show featuring Chef Steve Anderson chose WTB's "Damage Me" as the soundtrack kicking off their 2nd season...check it out and get hungry! http://www.anodizedchef.com

WTB on Heavy Metal Cooking Show

WTB was the featured music guest on the latest episode of The Anodized Chef, www.anodizedchef.com the episode features the song "Homeless Winter" while Chef Steve cooks up a mean Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo, serious stuff my friends

"Thirteen Pregnant Virgins" digital release.

A date of June 14th has been set for the digital release of our album "Thirteen Pregnant Virgins", it will be available for download by individual song or entire album on sites such as iTunes and Amazon.com. Stay tuned for the official CD release date coming within the next couple of weeks.