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The Artists Behind The Man

In response to a few questions, I offer the following 'splanation: (1) my logo comes from my tattoo and a turtle, crafted with much love, by Jin Wensi (www.jinwensi.com); (2) most of my show flyers come from Mr. Zac Scott. My artistic talent reaches only to music, and even there is stretched a bit thin, cough cough.

The Bermudian Aggression Album

For those of you sitting there with a copy of the debut mostly-acoustic album without a list of tracks, here they are, mostly in order ... (1) The Road; (2) Mummified; (3) Perfume; (4) Last Patrol; (5) Anniversary; (6) How Do We Fly; (7) Me and the Moon; (8) Spotless; (9) Naked Stars; (10) Last Patrol (w/ Narwhal Brigade); (11) Laser Eyes; (12) Cities (written by Jill Wheaton); (13) Look Now; (14) 43; and (15) a surprise cover tune. Whew ... We're also really into the newest recording (The Night Will Call You Anything), and the next addition (drum roll ...) will likely be a flautist. (That's a flute player.)