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Did You Know Cars Can Run On Water?

Hydrogen Technology has been around for many years yet it has been supressed by oil companies for obvious reasons, they would lose some of their huge ass profits! All it is, is a glass jar with electricity from your car battery going into the water in the jar which makes it produce a yellowish gas known as Brown's Gas or HHO gas.It is cheap to make (around only $100) and anyone can install one in a matter of hours. It is highly flammable but small amounts are released into your air intake which mixes with the fuel/air mixture to give your engine an octane boost making it more powerful and fuel efficient. Instead of smog coming from the exhaust pipe, it releases Oxygen so everyone can breath easy when behind a car that runs on a Water Cell (HHO gas device) For the purposes of avoiding being marked as spam i cant give you the sites to find out more, but you can google "water car" or find videos on youtube quite easily. Now you know, what will you do? Drufi