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As another decade of pop music is taking shape to return music to the music, Streetkind is leading a musical Revolution. Streetkind is a pop culture band that pulls heavily from the reggae genre while incorporating elements of dub, electro, rock, and hip hop. With every new era comes transition. Streetkind's third lp "Revolution" could not have come at a better time. While certainly progressive and in the "now" realm of production, Streetkind has been able to do what the majority of pop acts today have all but abandoned. Create a great live performance with raw talent. Streetkind music was born in South Beach in 2004. The act features Matt Messina (vocals), Jacob Almeida (vocals,sax), Kid Gam (rapper), and Michelle Trumpler (keys,vocals). Streetkind carries an arsenal of great musicians with them to every concert while performing in world class venues coast to coast. Streetkind has compiled hundreds of songs and two studio albums titled "Medicine Man" and "Ocean Grown". The band has recently entered the studio once again in Miami for what is now to be there third studio lp titled "Revolution". The production team includes band members Almeida, Messina, and Trumpler with the help of grammy winners Fred Vindver and the legendary Jimmy Douglass. Vindver and Douglass have been crucial in the development of Streetkind music and anticipate "Revolution" to be a tremendous mainstream success. Check out Streetkindmusic.com and join the revolution!