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New Material!!

Ladies and Djentleman!! We are currently wrapping up a brand spanking new song, as well as tightening up and re-working some of our material!!! With our new Rhythm section of Shane and Tyler this will be a really awesome process for us to do, and we're very excited to show you all!! Stay Tuned for more info!!!

Rico Meditated Assault

vote for us!!!

Very Important!!! We need your HELP!! my band Meditated Assault is in the FINAL ROUND!!!!

When you vote for us for Macworld 2013, make sure it's for "INDIE INNOVATION ROUND 2"

You can VOTE once a day until Dec 20th

Thank you all for voting!! Here's the link http://macworld.sonichub.com/artist/meditated-assault


Partner's in Ridgecrest Ca was a really good show, our friends in Tesla meets the coil & Stockz and Blondz killed it!! We almost ran out of cd's and we took over 100 of them!!!! Just a great night altogether!!!


Tonight we open up for the heavy metal mariachi band METALACHI!!! IT'LL BE A GREAT SHOW SO COME ON OUT AND PARTY WITH US!!! Dorrs at 8pm, Meditated Assault on the stage at 9pm!!!

Just finished the live track Fear... check it out

We recorded the show we played with Ruach and The Slow Forward at B Ryders here in Bako. This is one of the songs we chose because it so well captured all of the energy of the show!!!


We've finished the acoustic track, and are almost done with the mix on the 2 live tracks for our EP..... next up vocals on the three studio tracks, and then...DOOM!!! hahaha Get ready y'all!!!