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Decibel 11 endorse This Years Love!

Decibel 11 have become This Years Loves first endorsement!


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Thank you from Gary - This Years love

Hello to all of you and thank you!

It has been a fantastic year for This Years Love and it is all thanks to you!

Our first album has sold mainly in 4 countries and is still selling world wide. The live gig to celebrate the Album launch in Durham UK was a sell out.

We are now going back into the recording studio to record the next album, which has been called 'Magnetic' & 'Addictive'.

We think we have reach a new high with this new album and we cant wait to play it for you soon!

Thank you

This Years Love

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Album out now!

This Years Loves first album 'Take the Stage' is out now.

We have had some brilliant comments from you all thank you! and please get in touch with us through Facebook and tell us more about what you think of our first pop rock album.

Click this link to read an interview about their release and what Gary had to say about recording the album.

This Years Loves interview with Niji Magazine

or visit


Album release date set for the 27th of February!

The date is set for This Years Loves first album. The Album ‘Take the Stage’ will be available to buy on a number of online store including Itunes from the 27th of February.

The band will be uploading a second sample from the album approximately two weeks before the release. To hear this come and join the band on Facebook (find the link to their page below)

This Years Love will now be putting plans in place to perform live. They will be performing material from their new album along with other songs that are not on the album.

This Years Love www.Facebook.com/ThisYearsLoveuk

Take the Stage

The album 'Take the Stage' is now fully mastered and ready to be released in February.

There is a sample of the track 'Something Special' online now, available to stream from Facebook/Myspace & Reverbnation.

We hope you enjoy this taster from our Pop Rock album.

The song has everything from warm acoustic to lively electric guitar, massive drums and a powerful bass line.

''Amazing first release, their song 'Something Special' really deserves its title'' Mark Jameson- Album Review / Radio DJ

Have a good new year www.ThisYearsLovemusic.co.uk www.reverbnation.com/ThisYearsLove www.Facebook.com/ThisYearsLoveuk www.Myspace.com/ThisYearsLoveuk

CD now Recorded!

We had a massive 10 hour recording session last saturday!

6 tracks recorded and now they are being mixed, soon to be mastered asap!

all is set in motion! only the website is waiting to be uploaded.

This Years Love

8 track CD to be recorded!

We're almost set to record the 8 track cd!

as soon as this is mastered, it is set for a press release and a number of radio station's and store's are ready to play and sell the first CD from This Years Love!

if your interested in being on the CD cover get in touch!

This Years Love