What you should be expecting from GRIMMACE in the near future!

A full length album release with 16 smacking tracks! Mainly new material, but a few exceptions from the past that have stuck with fans! The album's features should be and not limited to: That DIirty Muddofaku with a big hand in a lof of the producing and beats; Insane poetry & DRAZTIK of L.S.P.,Albeez 4 Sheez, the last 2 WORLDWIDE CHOPPERS, Stevie Miles,MISS KISA,& Steelo of Madhouze Muzik! Track Listing: 1.Intro 2.Are You In This? 3.One Deep, Till I'm 6 Feet 4. Face The Colfax 5. This Life Is All I Know 6. Heart's Sinkin 7. Smoke One For Me 8.The Herbfect Verse 9. Hyphy Choppin' (Remix) 10. Ain't What You Said(Remix) 11.Take Your Music Back 12. Here 13. Born For This 14.Woes When It Slows 15.A Fist And A Thought 16. My Kalispell Hell I hope yall will be looking forward to this release as much as i am, but i can not put a date on it yet untill i get these living obligations figured out and if i'll be able to hit the studio! Much love and respect, GRIMMACE


Haven't dun this shit in over a year but I've been hella busy lately! First off I'm offically now apart of MARKED RECKORDZ! We got a lotta new shit comin out very soon! I was jus recordin yesterday but a preview should be up sumtime nxt week! If you haven't heard yet I will be openin up for STRANGE MUSIC'S very own BROTHA LYNCH HUNG! The show is june 30th down at The ROXY! Tix are 22 bux so go get urs 2day online or from tha other artists!


I'll be hittin tha studio 2morow to put in sum more work on my new track called "Heart's Sinkin" It's on sum personal low feelin shit, but when i heard tha beat i told myself i gotta do it! This track is dedicated to my cuzin Nathan that passed away back in January. I never thought i'd have to attend a funeral tha day before my 2nd show! Rest in peace homie you will be missed! Is also goin out to tha homie Brandon after tha news i was told 2day!