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For those interested: Prominet Talen†'s 20 track mixtape will be ready for distribution on 18 December. If you'd like a copy stay in touch I will send the links for download and purchase once they are available. Prominent Talen† is the first Artist to release a CD under Music Express Productions which you all know is the company I own. Support, and Spread the Word!!!

Fair Exchange

When its all said and done, she's a part of my life/ Went from part-time friends , to now I'm callin her wife/ Went from myspace, to facebook, to calling on skype/ Went from she ain't have cash, to now she ballin on sight/ And I sent her red roses, but naw she ain't the flower type/ But don't get it twisted, lil misses ain't the coward type/ Put you in the business, fuck these bitchess want them out my life/ I took the time to listen, yeah I listened gave you my advice/ The time for you I sacrificed, would sacrifice my afterlife/ And if I wasn't "acting" right its cuz I wasn't acting right/ You tell the doc to pass the knife, I'll tell these frauds to pass the mic/ And what we share in common we both comets in a faster life/ Had to make that catch, nope couldn't be no passerby/ Had to make it last, oh, should I even ask you why/ Keep ya last name, you bet I'm keeping mine hey/ We moving in the fast lane, fair exchange highway/