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Thanks for the support... Soundcheck Sunday nights at 11 PM on 94 HJY. Streaming on http://www.94hjy.com


Tune in and I will be on this Wed nights blog talk radio program @ 8:40pm


AMTI presents new single Nick Duane "RAIN" Very deep and melodious composition in combination with the unique vocals!

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New England based veteran musician, Nick Duane, has been a long time advocate for original Indie music, stating, “You make your music regardless of a recording contract or a live band or any of the arbitrary rules.” With so much of the industry putting out cookie cutter pop songs, Nicks music is refreshingly original. Equally important… his songs are well crafted art brimming with emotion. Stylistically, his music can be described as indie rock infused with ambient synth pop… think 80’s-90’s Bowie meets Sting. Check out Nicks new release, “Rain,”

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Took home Runner Up for Singer-Songwriter of the year at Limelight Magazine Music Awards Show

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Nick Duane has made the poll for Singer-Songwriter! 2013 nominee for Singer-Songwriter of the Year by 'Limelight Magazine Music Awards'

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by sean on June 11, 2012, Music Review, Rock. This week’s Bands You Should Know is a little bit off the wall. Okay, it’s way off the wall, but that’s the way we like it, right? Nick Duane If you’ve never heard of Nick Duane, you are in for a treat. And I mean that. The songs resemble pop songs, but on closer examination, they are something else entirely. Interesting voice, spaced out and poetic lyrics, solid jams–I’ve never heard anything quite so interesting as Nick’s album Before the Storm. Fourteen songs and nearly an hour of familiar-yet-strange songs. Fans of off-beat musicians like Bowie will find a lot to love here. Advocates of boundary-smashing catchy-emotional music will also really dig some Nick Duane. sounds like the desert and broken seashells

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Nick Duane is a composer and songwriter whose style embraces a really wide range of musical genres and influences, showcasing Nick as an avid music enthusiast with an open-minded approach. Nick Duane’s composition are blessed by a true independent spirit, just flowing naturally and organically as far as the author’s inspiration and imagination goes. Nick Duane’s new album “Before the storm” is a great portrait of this approach, and a great collection of intricate, fascinating sonic textures based on the contrast between hard hitting electric guitar riffs and dreamy synth melodies, topped by a solid rhythm section and charismatic vocals.

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Nick Duane’s “Before The Storm” album is hard to pin down in any one musical genre. As Nick moves from guitar-based rock to orchestrated keyboard electronica from one track to another.

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"Before The Storm is a wide span of music and natural creativeness""