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On the subject of fans

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great day. My new song should be ready this week! Very excited about it. I also wanted to let people know that you don't have to ask me to "fan" you. If someone has shown interest in my project, I will usually become a fan. When a person puts good effort into their music, demonstrates a certain level of talent within their genre, and refrains from being ultra negative I will usually become a fan. Asking someone to "fan" you can be an automatic "no" by many people who consider it to be spamming.

Just thought I would put in my two cents on that one!

Cheers Mark aka Major Tom


I have finally posted the lyrics to DREAMER for those who are interested. I would also like to announce that I have a new song in process of the ambient/fusion jazz/trip-hop persuasion. It features vocals from The White Noise Hypocrisy's lead singer Cyndy (my wife and love of my life). Have a great day!


I finished and posted DREAMER, the first with vocals. Lyrics will be posted soon. Hope you enjoy!


I found a mostly dead song, remastered it, breathed a little extra life into it. Now it's alive! Hope you enjoy "Atmostratosphere".

The Major Tom Experiment


Working on a new song!