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Total Carnage Tour

Well, tour is creeping up and is right around the corner. We have almost a new line-up and have been working out all the kinks and practicing like hell. We will have new shirt designs, and all that jazz as well too. This will be our first huge, huge, and long tour so we will see how it goes...stupid stoked and psyched! Can't wait to see all of your beautiful faces! -The Deadson

New year, new path, new things

Hey dudes, so a lot has been going on. We are about to release our new CD titled "A Warm and Dark Embrace" January 29th. We already have a FEB tour booked, and are booking for a March tour as well. We are hoping to be on the road for at least 6 months out of the year., and be on the look out for a possible release in the summer time of a b-sides, and unreleased EP of our older stuff. -The Deadson

gearing up twords the future.

so we finely have a whole set list down, and almost have all the kinks worked out. we should be gigging out by the end of next month if all goes as planned. hit me up with a pm if you can recommend any good local hot spots in you areas to play. thanx