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My Verbal Child LoL

so i was sitting at the dinner table eating with my wife and my 3yr old (just turned 4) when all of a sudden he starts yelling at me "Dad!! you didn't get me a hug and a kiss this morning before you left to go to work!!" lol. i said "your sleep when i leave" he said "so" how could i argue with that? I was thinking 1. i leave the house at 5am so i have never thought of doing this in the morning because i didn't want to wake him. and 2. was he serious? lol. The next day came and went and i didn't do it the next day on purpose just to see what he would say. My wife calls me midday and says your son was complaining today cause you didn't give him a hug and a kiss before you left lol. I was taking by surprised on how verbal he was with that. never heard a kid actually say i need a hug and kiss from you everyday. Then i thought how many other kids really will say that? how many kids are that verbal to say that they need love from their parents everyday. i need a hug, a kiss, something to show that you love me. Tell me why i seen a bumper sticker that day that said "have you hugged your child today?" lol moments like that make me realize how important my role as a father is. he gets a hug, kiss, and a I love you from his Dad every morning. hope my son is a voice for someone and makes you think the same thing i do everyday now "have you hugged your child today?" lol. -Think about it

Words Off The Page

How awesome is it that the Word of God jumps off the page and becomes relevant in your life today? How amazing it that i can speak PEACE because that's what God says what i can do, and because his POWER peace will come off the page of the bible and manifest itself in my life? That's all Gods want us to know. Who we are,who he said we can be, and what he said we can have! How much he loves you. then share. Study his word for yourself, block out anyone who will tell you your less than what God says. Read today then read it again cause the same challenge will be back tomorrow. They say knowledge is power, so when your gaining it who's power do you want to have the worlds power or Gods power? Think about it...

Me? A Blogger???

never have blog before dont even know how to start one really but i think i will give it a try. i will start blogging maybe twice a month. postive things, funny this, ( to me anyway lol) stuff that will encourage, stuff about God and stuff that will make a person think cause thats the type of person i am. just random stuff, whatever i feel like sharing. hey people do it on facebook all the time why not have a space to do that, have unlimited characters then call it a blog? lol. trying something new. let's do this! blog 1 done.