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Cargo @ CommRow

Just got a tour of CommRow from Dan, this place is super awesome!! Cargo is on the third floor and looks sweet with plenty of space and a pretty high tech stage, but the whole place is cool with the rock climbing and juice/coffee bar (and a real bar) on the second floor. The first floor has Beach Hut Deli!!! and Biggest Little Burger as well as a small nightclub with a sweet little stage and looks like a really cool place to party!

We are super excited to play at Cargo in CommRow on July 19th!! It's an all ages show with free tickets from us or Rome Wild so there shall be no excuses for missing it!

New T-Shirt Designs

We just finished up a band meeting yesterday where we decided to pick some songs to make shirts for. We got some really cool ideas and hopefully will get to show them to you soon!