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Music is being created absolutely everywhere – even in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, USA. That’s where Michael Emmet Green is living now. He retired and relocated to “simply things” and is putting “more effort into his love of music” and the creation of music. He’s reached out to friends in other states and even a singer from England to add their touch to his songs. He calls them his “internet band.” His conversation with us follows: Follow this link to read the article: http://indiespiritmagazine.com/michael-emmet-green-is-back-in-them-hills


All original music. Written,Recorded & Produced by: Michael Emmet Green. (and friends)

Currently working on a new 12 original song CD titled: Back In Them Hills. A few of my internet friends, along with some old band mates have joined me on this venture. No release time as of this post, but there are a few of the songs posted here on ReverbNation that will be on the CD. Well, back to work on the music. MEG