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Star Eagles gospel music group denies joining circular music

Star Eagles gospel music group denies joining circular music source: http://southsudantoday.net/default/2014/06/14/eagle-star-gospel-music-group-denies-joining-circular-music/ Posted by admin On June 14, 2014 0 Comment By Robert Cameroon Obetia Okuga JUBA-South Sudan’s Gospel Star Eagle singer Denis Denaya in an exclusive interview, denied words making rounds in the public that his group is shifting from gospel to circular music. “Our mission is to serve God, not the devil as people are saying”. The allegation came after the public started seeing the gospel artists performing at night clubs in some places especially in Yambio, Torit, Nimule and Rumbek, and other places. Denis Denaya the president of Eagle Star said, his group can’t shift from gospel to circular, because, the main aim of the Eagle Star is to preach and pass the words of God and both of the group members are believers of Jesus. “I know why some people said we are no longer gospel artists, it’s because sometimes we do our shows at night, but we do night shows in areas where people can’t get time for day shows, and they request us to do the show at night, because everybody need to attend the show”. Denis Denaya said. He said, people who carry the rumors are the people who are destroying the image of the group, “Otherwise, we are still gospel artists, and we shall remain as gospel artists”. He said. He said there some places, like Yei and Merid, where people understand value and meaning of gospel music, and their shows in such places are held during day time, but places like Juba, where during day time everybody is busy with work, their shows are at night. Denaya blamed church leaders for not allowing gospel artists, to perform in churches, which prompted them to perform in bars and clubs where other circular artists also conduct their shows “I have ever contacted some church leaders for space in church to perform our shows; they always denied us the space some look at gospel artists, as business people who need to make money from people through churches”. He said. Speaking on their song “Mama boy” that seems to be the major cause of the ongoing allegation, Denis said, the song is all about peace among the married couples who have no people at home. He said, peace in the church started from home, especially among the married couples, so the song targeted, peace among the families, not circular song. “Church can’t grow and develop, when family are in problems, peace starts at home up to churches, that’s we as the Eagle star, came up with “Mama Boy” song” The group manager Nyele Mabbe also denied the allegation, saying his boys have never crossed to circular music, since they joined the industry in 2009 from Morobo county Central Equatoria State. “Never judge others, because judgment will be done by God”, he said, adding in their group they are not after competition like others in circular do. The Manager said the group shall soon begin music tours, which will cover all the towns in South Sudan, as part of its mission of preaching the ward of God. Asunta Manuela one of their funs said, she got shocked after getting the rumors that, Eagle star has crossed from gospel to circular music, because their music itself preaches a lot musically. “I was wondering because these two boys Denis Denaya and Tony Man are born-again Christian since 2002, and their music has been supported by many Christian, how could they cross to circular due to the love of money”. Asunta said

Lyrics of mama boy song by Star Eagles

Mama boy lyrics


Kalam taki yawu gi waja ana

Kalam taki yawu gi taabu ana

Nahar, bilel kulu gii sinda ana

Mama haya taki gii waja ana

Yeee woooo

Verse 1.

Sika moyo kuluyom deru mama boy

Kasul afas, mokuwa deru mama boy

Sika suuk ile mama

Kasul malabis,mokuwa deru mama…oh

Muhaba oooh!, muhaba

Mama ,baba malu intum

Mama, Yaweh sindu guwa taki……ehhh


Mama boy….mama boy x2

Hiya gii tala ajus guwam ma shokul ketir,wo tegil fii beit kuluyom deru mama boy



Toleto (Lotelo) saba saba fii sika,bii rija be bilel x3

Kulu yom- kulu yom- kulu yom oh! X2

Mara muhaba, mara haja kwes ,Min baba fouk fii sama x2 (go to chorus then break)

Verse 3

Kan hiya ruwa fii rakabu,bii kasul afas be muhaba al-hagiga oh!

Kaan hiya ruwa fii shaloon bii berdu iyal awel be muhaba min Yawe oh! (go to chorus)

Background of Star eagles

Star Eagles is a Christian Music band from South Sudan founded since 2001 by the duo-Tony and Dennis. The two came together in 2001 with the idea of singing spiritual and social developing songs in all known native languages in South Sudan.

Tony and Dennis started recording their first Album dahiman-dahiman in Kampala Uganda in late 2006 with support from good friends and their own personal funds.

The meaning of Star Eagles is derived from the two different words “Star and Eagles”, as you read below:-

When Jesus was born, the bright star represented Him showing that the King was born, so here the Star (Jesus Himself) gives light to the world so that men will no longer live in darkness, and therefore the Star represents Jesus.

The Eagle is one of the wisest and strongest birds that God created and it always stays up where many people can see.(One day stand up and see how far the eagle flies above us, you will realize the eagle won’t get tired even for the whole day and that’s how we want to serve). Therefore Star Eagles means that, “As the Star (representing Jesus) gives us light, we can soar like an eagle as far as the sky. Our heart is to lift up the banner of Jesus Christ as high as the sky is distanced so that many nations of the world will know Jesus hence the name Star Eagles.


“To reach the unreached with the message of Hope,peace, healing and forgiveness”.


Our mission is “Transforming our society through spiritual and positive Christian Songs that promote moral ethics”.

Good news

Hi to all fans of Star Eagles,we are happy for being in this new intersting site.All our songs will be available soon.Just keep close on our Facebook page.