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ROCK & LACE was first formed in May 2010 in Thessaly, Greece.

The band began with four driven musicians from Trikala and a strong female vocalist born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Their collaboration came as a surprise to many in their town and especially to themselves as for the first time they all had something in common “To create their own music and strive for something more”. Being difficult times their drummer decides to leave in June of 2011due to personal reasons and puts the rest of the group through a series of trying out different drummers to find their final “Addition”.

The solid four members of the band have all grown up listening and performing to different styles of music such as classic rock, alternative, hard rock, metal etc. but all of these sounds have been an inspiration to them writing their own original songs and giving them the opportunity to produce their sound and style in their own recording studio (thanks to Miltiadis) . They have quickly drawn the attention of many as their passion shows when performing Live both their original songs and well known rock covers. In the short time they’ve been together Lace have opened the act for Pavlov’s dog at Zugo, for the alternative classic rock band The Godfathers, performed with Vasilis Papakwnstantinou twice, Domenica and many more respected artists. Recently asked to support Puressence.

They have also performed at various festivals such as Rocking under the Rocks in Kalambaka, the Fringe festival in Athens as well as many well known music stages all around Greece. They recently finished their first demo cd titled 'Prey' which consists of “four” out of their many songs. Rock & Laces motto is "Live on the Rock Side of Life"........So...Are you ready to do the same!

BAND MEMBERS : Gale Petrou – Vocals / Miltiadis Argiriou – Guitar/vocals / Bill Samaras – Guitar / Chris Belle – Bass