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Hope is like a dying flower it once was beautiful but like everything it will wither and die. Just like that flower Hope lets you see the beauty of life, and it’s that beauty that gets us through. Religion, Money, War etc. are facades of our humanity cheap dime store masks trying to hide a face that no one remembers. Hope is in us, but it’s faith is lost like a drunken father looking for the reason no one comes to visit anymore. None of us can find the way out; we just do the best we can with a society that has stopped making sense. The secret is we can’t get out, there is no escape because our lives our like a wheel on a bike moving at full speed. We drift from ecstasy to depression and everything in-between as we rise and fall on the spokes of the wheel. Spinning round and round we get jobs we lose them, we fall in love we fall out of love, we live and we die. It seems ridicules when you think about it. Does it make a difference if this guy lives or dies. The short answer is no it doesn’t matter, but if we stuck a lead pipe into the spokes of the wheel everything would stop. Where does that leave us? It leaves us with Hope. Hope that we can persevere through our adolescence, Hope that our nightmares are just dark shadows playing on a wall, Hope that love will conquer the evils of men We have to lose everything to have everything. Time of Death 5:03pm.

The Bums Lie Story- Chapter One- A Circular Series of Events

My name is not important, but the events leading up to the formation of Bums Lie are most important. I want to start the story in the middle because the early events in my life will be a different saga all together. It was 1997,I was in 10th grade and I was in a band called chasimus. Chasimus started out as a metal/punk band, but as we experimented with hallucengens our music reflected the strange trips that would went on. One night with a head full of mushrooms we were trying to make music, but the neck of my guitar seem to be growing. The guitar was like a branch on a tree hopped-up on growth hormones, and I could seem to reach the notes I wanted to play. My hands began to shrink to the size of a babies, and I was thinking how do all these rockstars play on Acid/Mushrooms. I looked around to see everyone else in the room was struggling just like me, and I could see if we didn't take a break we were all going to go insane. Personally I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. "To nature" some one shouted because comunication had boken down, and we looked like a group of escaped mental patients. Next thing I know all five of us our walking circles around a pool not saying a word to each other until I had a revelation. "It's all about circles" I said I looked up to see 4 other faces that were thinking the same thing I was. A person dies, and another is born. Water evaporateds to become clouds that becomes rain that is put back into the earth,which in turn makes life grow, and washes away the dead. Even the Universe is made up of elliptical patterns.... I began to look inward and see that music is connected the same way, and Punk came from reggae, and rock which came from Jazz, and Blues and So on............ From That day I knew music would take me down a path that would make me part of something bigger than all of us.

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hey everybody bums lie has joined reverb nation give me some love and I give you more