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Northwest Solo Tour

Building storage in the truck, creating a character in my head, and getting geared up for an intensely awesome tour up the Northwest. Starting with the Norther California Women's Herbal Symposium.... and then off on my magic carpet.... If anyone wants to check it out... you can learn more on my new website: www.herahasaheart.com

Record "The Mirror" and Help The Whale Gulch Community

Hello Art and Music Lovers!

The deadline for the fundraiser to create a studio album and help build the community center has been extended to Dec.21st ending with a pancake breakfast in the meadow in Whale Gulch (the future building site of the community center).

We have $5,150 to go!

I will be doing a benefit live performance at Persimmons sometime in November and perhaps some live radio time... You can stay updated by visiting: www.facebook.com/justjessilea

There are new premiums being offered of rare 4-track recordings where I play violin, ukulele, guitar, drums, zurna, zills, and the organ. You can listen to these recordings at: www.soundcloud.com/jessi-lea

There has been some confusion, but you do not have to have PayPal to donate.... Ready to donate now? You don't have a clue what this is all about? Go to: www.sohummade.com/themirror.php

If you do not wish to receive emails regarding this information, please send a blank email back and I will surely take you off the list....

embrace the clouds, embrace the gutter....

Jessi Lea

Nothing Lasts Forever

Welcome to the start of a new project "Hera Has a Heart". All songs are written and arranged by me, Jessi Lea. As of right now, all instruments are played by me as well. I am working on a new studio recording entitled "The Mirror" and raising funds to be able to pay for recording costs. To find out more go to: www.sohummade.com/themirror.php