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Hammer Time has a new Meaning

So I've arrived, here to bust some new venues and hook up with the Idle Hits of Hamilton: Tim, a funk rockin bass player with a slight obsession to impromptu harmonica jams.(not that I'm opposed) Dread, a badass drummer with a very eclectic playing ability and a do-bro ukulele that i would throw down for. Last but certainly not least is Johnny on lead guitar. He must be the only person I've played with who can play the same riff he just made up for hours and still have your ENTIRE interest and attention by the end. In fact, we just tell him to keep going hah. having some unforgettable times with the Hamilton division of this project. I sit next to my piano, now littered with venue stickers and gig posters to remind me how lucky I am to be able to do what I do and call it my career. This feeling of peace has begun to come over me lately, I can remain still for longer than a moment and not feel like I am about to leap from my skin. The album is so close to being ready I can taste/hear it. Is this the feeling of contentment i seemed to be searching for when i wrote the first album? The piece of mind I need to understand in myself fully to be ready for this? Regardless to what it is I've never felt so alive as apposed to 'living'. In some attempt to chip off another jagged edge of mine I'm releasing an unmastered version of Ace (off the forthcoming album) to my fans for free download. Thank you and enjoy. Cheers Emma-Lee Blazing

Apparently This Field is Required so..

Couldn't think of a caption for this entry, my head seems to be somewhere else these days. That sounds odd but it probably doesn't mean what you think it does. My physical being is clearly still here on the east coast, yet my thoughts are here less and less. Unfortunately for my Nova Scotia friends and family that means my head and heart have their sights set on a new city. I thought I would be nervous to leave the town I was raised in but I'm not. Gravitating back to my birthplace just happened, I didn't plan it and I got some amazing bonuses on top of it being such a musically bright city. There are these moments when i feel like I'm falling, almost out of control until i release I'm just falling into place. Hamilton, I'll see you in ten days. HUGE Thank you to everyone here in Halifax that I may not get to see before I leave and thank in person. You have helped me regret nothing, live for the moment and carry a passion for life that I hope I can bring to others in my new home. Cheers Emma-Lee Blazing

Coffee Talk

Mmm..some french pressed coffee, a smoke, sunny day and knowing the EP will be finished today..Looks like a wicked start to the day! As much as I'm relieved and excited that recording is almost a wrap I'll miss the hell out of it until the next album starts up! haha Now it's time to let you all here it live off the floor on the EP! so another cup of coffee and off to work, Don't take the great days in your life for granted. Cheers