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Music Has Power, More Than Entertainment...

While music is a great part of entertainment, it is also much more than that. It is also a means of expression your own identity. The cultural elements of music help us to express that side of who we are. In fact, it is this overlapping of cultures that has led to such diversity as well as intertwining of the various types of music.

What you listen to is influenced by many things. Your musical tastes could be due to the household you grew up in or the culture where you live. However, over time you may have started to explore new music. This could be due to your peer groups in your youth. It seems that teenagers often explore music that differs from what their parents like as they seek to establish their own independent identities.

The music that people listen to can also be a sign of what they support. For example during the 70’s there was plenty of music that supported freedom and that was against the Vietnam War. While the causes that people support have changed throughout history, it is still a very important element in the development of music.

You can use music as a means of personal expression due to the sound and the lyrics. However, this doesn’t mean you are limited by only one genre of music. If you are someone that loves variety and experiencing many types of culture and art, that can carry over to your music. You aren’t limited by culture, your peers, or your own musical exposure either. It is also important to be respectful of the music that others listen too. Keep in mind that their personal selection is a way to express their own identities as well. What is your Musical expression...is it soft or is it hard, Does it paint your story?