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Paula Reilly

Paula Reilly is a 37 year old artist. She lives in Cairns, Australia. She is a visual artist, a musician and a fire dancer. She writes new age crystal books and poetry. Some of her favourite passions and past times are fire dance busking on the streets of Cairns City and making dance music videos. Having studied visual arts for 8+ years, she loves to paint, draw, sculpt and do printmaking. Her favourite topic is painting mythological creatures and nudes. She has been creating music and singing for 2-3 years. Her favourite genre is electronica music. She loves to draw inspiration from her love of mythology to influence the surreal realms beyond down into her music. Using both high ,angelic sounding and at times eerie vocals with a sense of the rhythmic beat, she creates original tunes that express her passions for life. Hoping the audience can correlate on a soul level is her dream of expressing the inert perfection of reality from a perspective beyond to enthuse and enhance life in the greatness of what it is! Enjoy this gift of music!