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Changes in plans, Changes in band, and our first show

So there have been a few changes in the way things are coming together.

We have Robert on drums again (awesome), we've had several very productive practices (Very awesome), and we're revving up for our first show on August 15th at Super Happy Fun Land (oh my god the awesome burns).

I've changed my mind so far as the CD is concerned, and we're going to re-record the songs as a full band. The version that are up right now will stay on here, yes, but I'm going to alter the titles to demo's. With any luck, we'll have the new versions on here by next week, so everyone can hear the full-on awesome that is Stitches in the Corpse a little closer to live, before we come to the stage.

Also, our keyboard player, Glenn Howell, is out of town for the foreseeable future, so we're still looking for someone to take his place for now. If you, or someone you know, plays the keys (well) and is looking for a performing band, do not hesitate to call, message, text, or note-in-bottle me. Until he's back, we're playing with programmed synthesizers, which is nice, but not exactly what I was hoping for for shows. ALSO, if you're good and we work well, I think we can make room for two people on keys, so don't feel like you'd be kicked to the curb if you play with us.

I just don't work like that.

We're looking for some lively fellows and friends to pass out fliers, and spread the word around a little for us as well. If you're interested, message me.

Consider yourselves updated on all things Stitches in the Corpse, thank you for your time, and come to our show!


So this cd's coming together.

Got Rockstar up, for those who want to listen to it. Some good news about the CD, It'll be done and ready for uploading sometime in the next few weeks. I'll probably be putting it on iTunes, Amazon, etc. shortly thereafter. At which point, I'll be focusing all my energies on rehearsing for live shows, setting up some shows (I have a friend who's got three venues she says I could play at), and maybe even putting together a few music videos.

The CD song list is going to be about 10-11 songs long. Here's a list of titles so far -

My Mountain The Art of Becoming Right Now Excuse Suffer in Silence Rockstar Bring Back the Gun Love your Demons An Old Friend Change

subject to change, but who knows, maybe I'll have an actual CD done on time for once.

That'd be nice.

Anyways, more later.

On a break between scoring songs

Hello anyone and everyone who still reads blogs.

So I thought I'd go ahead and put this in here, in this blog, so everyone knows exactly where our band stands, and what our goals are in the next couple of months. Firstly, we're going from a purely recording/experimenting band, to a live performance band. What this means, is we're gearing towards live shows. I do not have dates and times yet, but the goal is to be playing on stage sometime around mid-July. Right now, I'm one song in to our set list, working on the next, with at least two more on the way before we try to perform. While we have a backlog of songs we've done in the last 7 years, most of them can not be done with only 3 people. So we're having to start from scratch and write new ones. Whenever they're done, and acceptable for outside hearing, I'll post them online here, until then stay tuned and I'll keep the updates coming.

Later, Ryan

Isaac Harris
Isaac Harris  (over 6 years ago)

Good guys. Your first shows alot of promise.