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We Are.

It started as a goof. Who knew that what would eventually evolve would change the lives of everyone who came into contact with them. Thought it sounded fun, go to a show, see a good band, who knew that it would end up consuming every facet of our being and envelope us in a way that no one could understand. We started in 2009, in a basement, with garbage instruments and slackers for musicians. It hibernated. It emerged a soaring eagle with the talons of a thousand baby velociraptors, gnarling the senses of all who came in contact. That wasn't enough, so it recoiled, developing even stronger senses of inspiration. Combined like the forces of the Avengers or the Power Rangers (the original power rangers, not that faggy new shit) Pete, Zach, Josh, and Adam formed the colossus that is....The Reflectives.