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Get Dead is Done and a Few EPs To Be Named Later

So, we have finished up our self-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered demo, "Get Dead". We have done all our songs so far through an old 8-track Tascam. It makes it a little tricky when you have 8 drum mics, but we get by. The drum tracks have to be mixed BEFORE they are recorded. Seeing as I'm limited to only 8 tracks, I record all drums, live on to one track and all cymbals on to one track; but I level and mix and slightly EQ each cymbal and drum before. That leaves us two tracks for stereo guitar, one for lead guiitar, one for bass and two for vocals.

I'm no Steve Albini but we are proud of what we have done so far. It's DIY and it's punk. It's just us and the 8-track. The recordings are about as raw as it gets and it's all us. No fancy studio, or walls of processors,sonic maximizers and pitch correctors. Just our instruments, amps, mics and amazing acoustics of my bedroom and Chris's mom's garage (to produce our "signature" drum sound; ha!)

Anyway, there are 6 more tracks already recorded and mostly finished. We will work those into an EP soon. Since recording these songs, we have written more songs and need to take another trip to Casa de Chris's Mom to record more drum tracks. We have at least 5 more tracks to record and then we will decide what songs to put on our debut album.

Get Dead Motherfuckers

New Songs!

10 new drum tracks were recorded this weekend! The Dead Yeller debut album will definitely be coming in the next month or two!

Stupid Netfirms

Our email is down. Some bullshit with netfirms.com trying to make more money off of their shit platform. So anyway, deadyeller@gmail.com is the way to go.


This blog equals 6% completion of a reverbnation.com profile; just in case you were wondering why I would blog about NETFIRMS being a scandalous whore.