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More FM radio airplay for my new album!!!

Great news!!! 90.7 FM WCLH (up in Pennsylvania!) is adding 4 songs off my latest album to play on the air! They will be added next Thursday and will be on rotation for a year! Freaking awesome! The FM station is run and operated by Wilkes University. Great to be featured on FM radio! Thank's to the station and Wilkes University for the incredible support! Pick up the album if you haven't already! Facebook.com/stevekaynan

Update - Feb 2016!

Hey all! Haven't made a blog in a while. Tons going on! First I was featured in Jamsphere Magazine before the beginning of the year! Got an incredible review on my latest album, Multiverse Collision!

"Everything is in place – the songs are melodic and accessible, the lyrics and vocals are positive and inspiring, the chops are evident yet not excessive. It’s pretty much everything fans love about rock without all the excess. In fact, this is a great collection of songs that have an epic feel. And there are a few heavy metal moments here as well, along with a few nods to the progressive rock era. The magic here, though, is in the catchiness and melody driven nature of the songwriting." - Jamsphere Magazine Dec.2015

You can read the entire feature on the link shared on my Facebook page - facebook.com/stevekaynan-

More recent, "Time" from my latest album was played on 89.9 FM Radio Sydney Australia {NSW} last week! Amazing to be played on FM Radio, especially in Australia!!!! Huge thank's to the station, and also the Live 365 Midwestern Broadcasting Company, and Boston Rock Radio for the continued airplay as well!

And finally {for now!}, Bar Fly, the working cover band I also play in, did a live performance at Full Sail University a few months ago. Pro shot, HD multi angle quality, and the performance is all live with no post production fixes or overdubs! Check out the footage on my profile, or go to youtube.com/barflyorlando


Feature in Indie Music Plus, Podcast and more!!!

Hey all! I was featured the other day on "Indie Music Plus!" They wrote an "outstanding" feature and review of my new album! Check it out here on the link below, or on my Facebook and Twitter pages!


This review and feature additionally got me over 1,000 plays on my Soundcloud page! Indie Music Plus was cool enough to not only write an amazing feature, but add my Soundcloud in the featured article!

They also had me live on their Podcast for a live video interview this past Fri eve! It was a blast! They asked me questions and played "Time" and "Multiverse Collision" on the show. People commented saying that "Time" sounded great and very much like Black Sabbath and Ozzy! The Podcast will also be available shortly, on YouTube {for the live video}, on Soundcloud, and also on iTunes! I'll let everyone know when it's available, until then, check out the amazing album review they wrote on the link above! I think it's probably the best feature I've had! Thank's to everyone at Indie Music Plus!!!

Steve http://www.facebook.com/stevekaynan

New interview with Guitar 9!

Hey all! Here's an interview I did the other day with Guitar Nine!!! They interviewed and featured me on my new album, songwriting and recording my originals and so on! I have been following them and subscribed to them for years! Never imagined I'd get a feature! Beyond cool! Thank's to everyone at Guitar Nine! Check it out! http://www.guitar9.com/interview203.html

Feature in Music Connection Magazine!!! {Sept. issue}

Hey everyone! I'm featured in the new issue of Music Connection Magazine!!! This Los Angeles publication has been around since 1977 and I still have issues from the late 90's with Joe Satriani and Van Halen on the covers! I'm so honored!!! They reviewed and listened to my new album and wrote some cool stuff! They gave me a 9 on a 10 scale on musicianship!!! Pretty cool! Thank's Music Connection! "Kaynan can probably play rings around most mortal guitarist, such is the quality of his lightning-fast fretwork. On the instrumental "Isla Nublar," his multiple guitar solos are indeed praise-worthy. Additionally, on the metal-sludge "Time" he shows that his singing voice can do a decent approximation of Ozzy." - Music Connection Magazine, September 2015.

The issue also features Mike Portnoy {another one of my heroes and one of my favorite drummers!}, Billy Sheehan and Richie Kotzen! I'm so beyond honored to be featured in this....you can get a copy of Music Connection Magazine in most Barnes & Nobles and Books A Million throughout the US! Check it out and get a copy!

Feature in Fireworks Magazine, and more airplay!!!

Hey all! Happy to announce that my new album, Multiverse Collision, is featured in the new issue of Fireworks Magazine!!! {Issue 71}. It has Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple and Blackemores Night {and his wife} on the cover! My album got an overall good review! Fireworks is a huge UK publication and if you are in Europe, head to the store and pick up a copy! If you are in the USA or Canada, the magazine will be in select Barnes & Nobles stores etc. in the next week or two!!! Thank's to everyone at Fireworks magazine for the support and for the cool review on my music!!! The issue also has interviews with Glenn Hughes and former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick! Check it out!!! You can also check out their site or follow on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/FireworksMagazine

More airplay! Last Thursday I was featured on Rock Metal Talk Radio, a FL station {finally something somewhat local supporting!}, and the host Jay said great things about my music! Two days ago JAX Jaqueline at A.V.A. Live Radio in Miami put the song "Time" from my new album on her TOP 10 list!

Aug. 24th at 4pm, music from my new album be featured on Beyond The Dawn Radio, a popular radio show in LA! You can also listen from their site at http://www.beyondthedawnstudios.com/ Check it out! Thank's everyone for the support! If you haven't already, you can purchase the new album here http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/stevekaynan12 or on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, or at a show! Rock on!

More news, airplay, magazine interview!

Hey all! If you haven't been following the facebook music page, my new album has been getting tons of radio airplay! A lot of stations in the states, in the UK, and starting last week, a Candadian station! I would to thank all these stations for the support! I was also interviewed for Hardrock Haven magazine, which you can find on my pages or on their site, or go to the following link http://hardrockhaven.net/online/2015/08/interview-with-steve-kaynan/ The interview has an depth conversation about the songs and recording process behind the new album! This week, {Thursday evening} I am getting airplay on Rock Talk Metal {finally, a FL station, something somewhat local!}. Everyone tune in!

More airplay,and top 10 on Reverbnation!!!

Hey all, happy to announce that my new album is getting some airplay! 365 Radio Network in Ohio added me to their rotation and also to their other dozen syndicated stations! Rocker's Dive Radio added me on rotation too. I just found out today, that XRP Radio, a broadcasting company in the United Kingdom, is playing some of my songs! Thank's to these stations for the amazing support, and thank's for the new fans on Reverbnation. I'm now in the top 10 in my area!

5/12/2015 New album, Multiverse Collision, out now!!!

Hey all! Happy to say that as of right now, my new album is up and available on iTunes!!! Soon available on Amazon worldwide, Spotify, e music, Rhapsody, and Google Play. Cd's were made and are currently being shipped to me and will also be available for purchase next week! But if you're into iTunes, you can get it right now! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/multiverse-collision/id991232972

More news on the way!

New album! {re-recorded some of the older songs!}

Hey all! A little over a year ago I made a post about some older original songs that I wrote and recorded and never released. The last 6 months, I re-recorded some of those entirely and have been mixing them. Between my gig and teaching schedule the last year, this project has been getting complete within' any down time between! Mixing this has turned into a project within' a project! Though, I am very pleased with the results! These new versions blow away the home recording demo versions from 2008-2009! I shared some of those demo versions 6 months ago and took them off when I started re-recording them! I changed some of the arrangements and made some of the riffs more staccato etc. "Isla Nublar," and Till The End" sound way better!!! I made the songs a bit longer and had to re-record eight of the songs altogether because the older versions had clips and peaks on the snare drums and I couldn't mix any of the songs! Thank's to my great friend Tony for the awesome drumming when we started recording last September! Yes, this is another solo project, because they are my original songs, and I want them released. In the future, I may consider writing originals in a band situation with other musicians who can contribute and co-write songs from scratch. If I can find a situation like that, I will think it over, but right now this is my focus. This is a big step from my first album, and shows more growth in my overall writing and playing! This will have a combination of new recordings and older recordings that didn't need to be re-recorded! I've been reluctant to share any songs until everything's mixed and mastered, hopefully this week it will all be done! Carpe Diem!