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Good Things!

We just got the coolest thing ever. A new touring van! Also we are currently in possession of New Shirts, Demo cd's and bumper stickers for you to sport! We got a Huge Response at The Curtain Club on the 3rd, and got to play with some really awesome bands. Check out Sixty-Two and the Young Dallas Prodigies Drater! Join us for a more relaxed show atmosphere on St. Patty's day at Jabary's Hookah Lounge, Joining us will be Daylight Industries! I Am Warbird! And My Beer Drunk Soul! $3 Cover and! Bring Your Own Green Beer!


We are currently writing new material, creating swag for you to sport at shows (shirts), and even have grasped the attention of a few vocalist that would like to give us a shot. Of course we would rather jam alone for our fans than disappoint with terrible vocals that we seemed cursed to find...so no decisions will be made hastily. We hope you enjoy the new tracks we have posted and look forward to seeing you at The Curtain Club on Saturday March, 3rd with our good friends Sixty-Two!!