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Sounds Like Sounds like your on ecstasy or maybe just feel sexually active! It is the soundtrack to all life's situations "you can get down like there is no one around" (Britney Spears),because "time goes by so slowly"(Madonna), "When Ever I am alone with you"(The Cure), " I am followed by death because I am no longer convinced, if it's my imagination"(AJ The RivetHead), "you are posesed I put a spell on you"(Suicide commando), "enjoy the silence"(Depeche Mode).. and you can probably gues who my influences are!!! maybe !! Thank you for checking my site out!! you are free to browse about this domain!! AJ The RivetHead oh one more thing enjoy the videos on youtube.com/user/ajtherivethead just look up DieGressiveSoul Thanks again Influences DieSineGration, Velvet Acid Christ, Covenant, Ministry, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Nine Inch Nails,Skinny Puppy, Apoptygma Berzerk, CombiChrist, Depeche Mode, Vnv Nation, Suicide Commando ............ so much more. Music is available on Spotify thank you. Also look up us up on itunes amazon google play Emusic Rhapsody Emusic and Napster.