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Press Release ~ Michele Botel

Michele Botel has been a busy singer/songwriter with recent performances around Kamloops, including at a Canada Day press conference hosted by the Kamloops Arts Council as well as on Lee's Locally Live Stage at the first annual and hugely successful THRiVE Festival. Upcoming performances include a few venues at the Canada Day celebrations in Riverside Park and a fundraiser for the Alberta flood victims, date and location TBA.

Concurrently, Michele has compiled a digital album entitled Know Me Better which will be released on iTunes July 1, 2013. This 100% Canadian made album features 12 energetic and soulful original songs created and performed by Michele with guest performances by Steve Botel, Jude Pelley, and James Kasper. To ensure the highest sound quality, the album has been mastered by the Recording Engineer/Production Manager at Indie Pool in Toronto, and delivered to iTunes for your listening pleasure.

Starting July 1, you will be able to find Michele’s album Know Me Better on http://www.apple.com/itunes/ There you can purchase the entire album or individual tracks. Price to be set by iTunes.

Also on the go is a collaboration between Michele Botel and Monique Vek of M.T.M.B Productions http://www.mtmbproductions.com/ to produce a video to benefit Angel's Animal Rescue Society. The video will provide a fresh, hopeful view of animal rescue and adoption. Michele's original song Truly Believe will be featured in the video, and listeners will have the option to purchase the song with 100% of the proceeds going to Angel's.

Many thanks to fans, friends and family of Michele Botel’s music. You can easily become a member of Michele’s Street Team by sharing this press release on your social media sites ~ Blessings!!

Amazing Grace with my Daughter Rhea

There have been so many positive responses to our Amazing Grace duet that I cannot list them all here, and I hope you will give this song a listen. The song itself seems to be held so dearly in the human collective psyche that one line can evoke an emotional response, and this version, if I do say so myself as the harmony vocalist and producer, is WORLD CLASS!! Rhea is the new generation of vocalists in a long line that I have traced back five generations, and I'm certain it must go back further than this on the Bonson family line. This daughter of mine stands in front of the microphone and, with incredible clarity and innocence, sings like a sweet angel. I believe that when we get the mic techniques worked out and she begins to belt out this voice, it will be a historical moment!

From Bedbugs to Blizzards

I believe I have fully recovered from my mini tour through parts of B.C. and Alberta in November 2009, but I will be prepared for residual effects of this most interesting endeavour! The day before setting out, my boyfriend/stage hand/security guy/alternate driver/ticket and merchandise seller fell extremely ill and could not be part of it. As I pulled out of my driveway on Nov 10 heading for B.C. Ferries, I was in tears declaring aloud, "this relationship is bloody well over!" It seemed perfectly clear that he got sick on purpose:) My 26 days on the road included three Royal Canadian Legion gigs in which the attendees were not overly excited about my abilities or accomplishments as a singer/songwriter, as they simply wanted to two-step the night away and therefore, a frequently asked question became, "do you have anything faster, honey?" I dug in, sped up songs, repeated songs, threw in a considerable amount of humour, and somehow made it through. House concerts were very satisfying for me, as folks were curious about the meaning of the songs and I made some great new friends/fans as well as had the joy of entertaining a troop of twirling girls between 3 and 5 years of age, whom I believe will be my most dedicated fans throughout time! I was dined upon by bedbugs at one stop, sang for near-empty coffee shops at a few stops and had to cancel all my shows east of Lethbridge, Alberta as without my alternate driver, driving between 7 and 9 hours, setting up, performing for 3 hours, and then taking down my gear was becoming less appealing with each passing day. This gave me time to visit with family and friends in southern B.C. and to explore and do some promo in the Kootenays, which is now my favourite area in B.C. hands down. I LOVE mountains and the Rocky Mountains are the epitome of raw and jagged power. There is much more, including fishtailing down the Monashee Mountain, driving west out of Prince George into higher elevation and meeting complete darkness in the midst of a blizzard.. so much more adventure than I will ever need again! I learned a lot about setting up a tour, which will guide me for the next one!

Got the Mojo

This is by far my sexiest, raspiest, most Joplin-like song dynamically to date and after having performed it only three times in public, I can tell it will bring me much laughter and joy to perform for years to come! The first time was at a coffee house, which I organized in Feb ‘09. Because these are family-oriented, I toned ‘er down quite a lot lyrically and otherwise. My teenage sons said to me after the song, “Mom, that’s a great song, but never sing it when we’re around again,” to which I replied, “I wasn’t singing it TO anybody, least of all you guys!” “We know, just don’t.” Second time: at a beach party around a campfire, a hush ensued shortly after the song started. The yelp that went up from some of the guys at song completion revealed a tone of conviction that “she’s taking ME home!” One of my friends just shook her head and told me I have too much talent. I didn’t take anyone home. Third time: in a crowded drinking establishment. After fading out with my husky, bluesy trill “we got the mo-jo-oh,” there was complete silence which seemed to last a while. Rather than waiting around and fueling this pregnant pause, I simply stated, still sultry in tone, “On that note, I would like to introduce the next performer…”

You should hear this broad sing

Following are some of the comments people have said to me or about me after hearing me sing... "If I had an airplane, I'd fly you away." "You should hear this broad sing." "You really nailed that one." "I was humming your song across Canada." "As soon as I heard you sing, I wanted to make love to you." "Wanna get married?" "World class!" And the one we all hear at some point.... "That was interesting."

Recording Frenzy

In September 2008 right after the brutal South Cariboo Idol competition, I pumped out about eight songs within two evening recording sessions at Rob Fry Studio in Lac La Hache, B.C. You hear the raw energy, as there was no time or desire to overproduce the songs. After all, there are more songs to write and record!

You Don't Live Here Anymore

A cappella song recorded in Victoria in a closet in Adam Sutherland's parents' basement:)..the song sent shivers up my friend Sharon's neck when she first heard it. Honestly, it was inspired by Otus, our adopted cat who belonged in the wild.

some recent words from my facebook friends/fans

I've always known you had a pretty voice, but there is so much more in there... a sweetness, sultry... wow, you have such incredible range. I'm so proud of you! Traci March 27, 2009 OMG!!! You sound amazing!!! I am so proud of you!! Hanne March 27, 2009 Get on the band wagon everyone,,,,Michele's music is awesome, and don't forget to become a fan...: )I listened to your songs cuz...they are awesome... Great job!! Diane March 27, 2009 very cool Michele, yes you are very talented, wonderful voice and love the lyrics! Cindy March 25, 2009 Like there was ever a question you wouldn't be up there. Gee whiz. Cassie March 24, 2009 Hey Michele! That;s really cool about your music taking off. I guess I better get on the bandwagon if I'm gonna have a famous family member other than me (haha)Earl March 24, 2009 Hi Michele, just went to the website you posted and checked your song out...amazing. Congrats and good luck, I will be your fan...xoxo Desiree March 26, 2009 I am now listening to your wonderful music. Ah! 'Truly Believe' is your song! I still listen to the Haida Gwaii 'Music from the Edge of the World' CD (great music), and I have always loved this song. I didn't even know I was a big fan! Mike March 26, 2009 OMG! I can see why you're climbing the charts. Of course I have known since school that you had a great voice but I had no idea you had developed it to this point. Was this professionally recorded or something you have done yourself? I am impressed. Cameron March 24, 2009 about Teddy Bear Song you sing farm music?!? and how! Where's the link to your u-tube stuff? Mike March 24, 2009 WOW,WAS GOINTA BED AT 3;30 AND THOUGHT WHAT THE HECK LISTEN TO A RANDOM TUNE ...AWAY FROM HERE..VERY BEAUTIFUL...LETS DO DRIBBLE FROM THE CHIN SOME TIME...LOVE THAT SONG..GOIN TA BED ...GONNA LISTEN TO THE REST TOMMORROW SOMETIME...XOXOXO Rick March 19, 2009 about Away from Here you really should do something with it.. kinda hard to market yourself from up there huh but it's soo awesome.. really .. you're voice is surprisingly very sultry.. and i really love your voice...Kelleen March 20, 2009 i really liked ... kinda joni mitchell.. i love folk.. is that what it's called these days.. sounds awesome.. Kelleen March 19, 2009 about Away from Here love your music & hope great things come your way! This was a great song-me feeling sorry for myself with my broken nose. I've always been into this kind of music...wishing you the best!! Carole March 19, 2009 about Away From Here Fantastic, Michele! Carole March 2, 2009 about Teddy Bear Song hey michele i just listened to your songs on reverb...they are beautiful! Way to go... You have such a gift. I loved Swampy Love and Spilling down...your voice and spirit is so strong in these songs..and what a gift you are giving in singing your messages..you are a warrior of truth! Thanks...it brought me home to my self too. Lisa March 2, 2009 Man...or woman I admire you zeal for the whole music scene and I think so much of you because the first time we met you wanted to play guitar and by the following year YOU DID! Julia March 2, 2009 Holy crap - she is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful voice...thanx for sharing Cassie:) Pamela May 11, 2008 about Restless Soul its awesome very relaxing and great vocals Mindy May 11, 2009 about Restless Soul this song really fits all those women who've had their hearts broken ... I can relate to the words oh too well!!! Carole March 19, 2009 about How Would You Be Doing Michele I listened to your music, wow, so enjoyable. Way to go girl, hope something really wonderful happens for you and your music. Gail March 19, 2009 Thank you WOW Reg March 21, 2009 Thumbs up Ayla March 22, 2009 yes your musical and poetic shines and grabs me...got thirsty ears ta hear more...Rick March 22, 2009