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Upcoming shows

Just a reminder that Jacks last two scheduled shows as a member of Ripped will happen Friday - Tonight - November 4th with ZoSo and next Friday - November 11 with Matt O Ree Band. What a way to go! See you all somewhere.

Change, You've got to

It's time to make a big announcement. Jack France has told us that he is leaving the band. It was sort of sudden but totally understandable. We've dealt with a lot of "Pain in the ass" things and last Friday night was apparently the last straw for him. He is leaving very much as our friend and very much welcome to sit in on anything that we may do in the future. How is that for good terms? Jack has been a key member for as long as we've been writing and recording so his absence will not be taken lightly. He will do several more gigs with us including the Starland Ballroom (11/4/16) with ZoSo and The Lizzie Rose Music Room (11/11/16) with the Matt O'Ree Band. Colin Tisch, our original Bassist (and great friend), has agreed to fill in at least until February and will be joining us for the Los Angeles trek. Thank you Jack. Thank you Tisch. Thank you all. See you somewhere.

End Of Summer - Beginning of more

Thank you everyone that's been following what has been happening here in Rippedland. On September 3rd we are playing Mexicali Live in Teaneck, New Jersey for the first time. Should be a killer evening. We understand it's a great venue with fantastic food. On September 25th, Steve Keller and Steve Sroczynski have been invited to New Rochelle, NY to do a live in studio interview on Metal Mayhem with Matt O'Shaughnessy. I hope that they give us the same chairs that Halford and Tipton used. LOL. Then on Friday, November 13th Ripped will open the show for ZoSo - The Led Zeppelin recreation. This is at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. We have discount tickets for both Mexicali and Starland. Just contact the band or a band member. Thank you all and please support those that support us! Dark Horse Strings / Metal-Shop Pedal Boards / 40 Foot Hole Studio / WVOX - Metal Mayhem / Hamilton Radio and many others

Shows, Shows, Shows

Starting this week Ripped is back on the scene starting with our Hometown of Kearny, New Jersey. Ripped & The Cartwheelers will be at The LCCC at 6 Davis Avenue, Kearny, NJ 07032 at 8 PM Sharp. Do not be late - Ripped at 8! The following week finds Ripped at the Boneyard in Atlantic City. That's on February 7th and we will be with KarnEvil and Black Reign. Awseome Ozzy / Sabbath is on tap. Friday, February 13th finds us in Long Branch at The Brighton Bar with Steve Bello Band and Freak Of The Day. You will not be disappointed.... And then we shuffle off to Buffalo!!! Well, West Seneca at The Rockin' Buffalo Saloon". We will play there on Saturday, February 21st BUT plan on showing up a day early so we can catch our Great friends CrashDollz make their Debut there as well. Shows, Shows, Shows... Win, Win, Win. Matt D'Esposito will be filling in on Bass for most of these shows. More info to follow! Check out our event listings... they're all there.

Welcome Rich P Radice!

We are proud to announce Richard Radice as our Manager. After meeting through our mutual friends CrashDollz we found that we share a common vision and drive. We look forward to long and fulfilling working relationship with a great man at the helm. Much more to come.

Summer '14 - No Kearny Dates - Manalapan is ON!

Ripped will NOT be playing the annual Kearny (15W) Picnic this September. I feel the need to specifically state this as we've mentioned it to many people and there was apparantly much interest. I am sorry. It was not by our choice. Now, where can you find us? The only scheduled show for the Summer is in Manalapan, New Jersey on Saturday, August 2nd. Ripped is playing the main stageat 5 PM. There was some strange planet allignment where something very cool and unexpected happened (Have you seen this Moon?). I was asked to play 3rd guitar for the closing band that will include Jimmy Fararr (Ex-Molly Hatchet) on Vocals and Jay Johnson (Formerly of The Rossington Band, The Southern Rock All Stars, The Dixie jam Band and Blackfoot, currently playing with Mike Estes in Skinny Molly) on guitar. Also in The Grey Ghost Band is Matt D'Esposito (SDB), Tommy Irwin and Scott Twomey. I want to thank Matt for inviting me to be a part of this Killer line-up. Remember, Bands start at Noon and Ripped is at 5:15 followed By Spider Daniels Band, Nikki Briar and The Grey Ghost Band. The full schedule will be posted as soon as I have it. So far there are three guitars being raffled off. Phish, THE CBS Orch and The Black Keys have all signed their axes for the cause.

Welcome to Spring / Summer 2014

Ripped is looking forward to a great year. We've got things planned with friends (CrashDollz are coming up at the Saint with us on Saturday, April 26). There are new venues in the works as well as plans to travel a bit. We're going to be at The Bayshore every few months and we have several Festivals on tap. Please check our schedule for any changes or additions. Please Tell your favorite venues to book Ripped. Thank you!

This Sunday (October 6, 2013)

Ripped is playing the Carlo Bellario Cut me up Comedy Roast. This event features some of the funniest people in the world. Full dinner, drinks....... This is a must see for only $70 ......... A night out that won't down down in history will cost more than that! Please contact Carlo at www.CarloBellario.com


Steve Bello will be sitting in with Ripped on Saturday, August 17, 2013. Showtime @ 9. Our Good friends The Hevtones will follow and September's Ghost will close out the night. This may be our last show of the Summer. Come on out and support the Local Scene. Buddies Rocks!

Please Join us in 2013

Lots of activity in the coming days. Ripped will be featured on The Kerri Edelman Show Tuesday, January 22nd at 8PM (EST). You'll have an opportunity to call in and ask any question that's on your mind. Here's the Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kerriedelman/2013/01/23/the-kerri-edelman-show-presents-blues-hard-rock-band-ripped . The Rock N' Tommy Show will have us on at 8 PM (EST) this coming February 4th (Alice Cooper's Birthday!) - Join us here: www.njkewl98.com . Also, Ripped will be appearing at HeBe Music in Mount Holly, NJ on Saturday - February 9th. It will be our first show of 2013 as well as our first show in that area - ever! In the coming months Ripped has several dates scheduled in New York City and we'll be at the Crossroads in Garwood, NJ supporting our good friends Black Dog. We'll also be returning to Popcorn Park Zoo for Rock 2 Adopt 3 this June. Perhaps you can join us somewhere along our Journey this year. More to be announced. Stay tuned and.... Thank You (and hope to see you soon). - SK