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Burning Bridges

I have forgiven a lot, you have shown no change Now I’ve forgiven enough, your apathy is the same You have gone too far this time for me to allow Room for your excuses, nothing can save you now

Pour the gas, light the match, there is No crossing, no turning back Don't plead your case, don’t try to stay This bridge is burned, just walk away

Too soon to forget, too late for remorse No patience to forgive you, without recourse This parting is sweet, but in no way sorrow The time has come to leave you cold and hollow

I know people like you are a dime a dozen I am better off without “fair weather” friends I know better than to count on you

Don't come at me as though nothing has happened There's no path for us that leads to the same end You've provided the fuel, and you lit the flame No apology of yours can wash it away


We blindly reach for independence But as dependents we defend our right to deny it Everywhere we go we show we know nothing About how to treat one another Our colors divide what once was united Our state of mind split over who we're all fighting Hypocrisy writes our moral code of ethics Red, white, and blue won't define our genetics

Fair's fair, unless you have it better What's good for the goose ain't enough for the gander

Brainwashing placebo Forget it, just an excuse to abuse Ignorance is bliss but What the fuck is your excuse

Effectively persuasive purveyors of hate Casting their images of victim mentality Starting riots, inciting violence, only proving Our nation is bred for hostility This hate isn't natural, it's taught, it's learned Then the cycle starts again Over and over and over we start wars Our forefathers never wanted

Like stones we throw our hate and fear Get it together, America, or why the fuck live here

Take your pill

Not-So-Fond Farewell

Take up your cause, I'll stick with mine Until again our paths intertwine I'm done with your childish (bullshit) drama this is life What did you expect?

You whine and moan You gripe and bitch and you put All the blame on me Look in the mirror you little Fool only a coward will you see

Real life has its ups and Real life has its downs I know This is hard to hear I hate to see others Repeat my mistakes but now They're yours to bare


Window Pain Reflection

I dreamed a window, 'thought what is this?' I saw a man, his life was less than bliss Poor and drunk and all alone again Sure looks like he could use a win He's got a dead-end job, debts are piling up Doesn't look like he could give a fuck Takes another shot just to ease his pain Then he tried to stand up, just to fall again

He has no car, says his feet can lead him So he walks to work, cold and defeated He seems to believe that getting laid Is so much better than what he's getting paid His priorities? The man doesn't give a damn Thinking someone should lend him a hand But then I took a step back, only to see The window is a mirror and the man is me

The pain he felt; only temporary The cards he'd been dealt, were a familiarity This window pane; in actuality A mirror reflecting my insecurity

Well then I woke up and looked in the mirror Looking back at me was nothing to fear It's a few years later on down the road The path I lead now is something to boast A better job, a car, and a beautiful wife Music is the icing on the cake of my life and love In fact, I've found a way This is the man that is here to stay

We The People

Day by day we're losing waves again This time it's on the ground This time it's in our home And rise against the greater good is lost Becoming something more to save us from ourselves Breaking our bones stealing our souls for nothing but our sickened pleasure Breaking our bones taking its toll for nothing more than wicked wisdom If we the people don't back down then nothing can take us back Can we the people rise again from the farewell Separate the ideals we hate Define the lines again and show where we stand Hold your ground and prepare the crowd For our final stand to save us from ourselves See in between Lines divide Resist the rift Find peace inside Dawn will come Night dies Resist the rift Rise to fight

Star Scream

One for the makeshift, two for the break-neck I'm here for your martyrdom. Baby, here it comes I'm sick with your distress, fires, and protests A heart's only hardened when it's stone I see in black and red a popular miscontent of all these little things that I now have Want you to make me, one for the made me I am not the only me

I'm awake while suffocating, Heaven help me, I'm not living. Black skies and white lights Send poltergeists in pinstripes that Make the stars scream and bleed To share their shine now for you

Here comes the breakdown, all eyes and ears now Listen to your bullshit, I can't take it Liars and cheaters, thieves and deceivers Preying on your precious mind and you give in It's like a war zone, here they could call home And all this hatred is dropped like bombs

One for the makeshift, two for the break-neck Ready for your martyrdom? 'Cause here it goes Far from the end game, pictures in still frame There's a black-lit reflection caught in your eye I can't seem to break you, move, push, or shake you You still have a warcry with no sacrifice

One for the makeshift Two for the break-neck There goes your martyrdom Now stop your crying

Omega Dead

A word of warning for the future masses The house he built is falling apart We've stood aside as the building crashes And we wonder why life's so hard I've prayed for days to end the madness But the cloth is worn and filled with shame Their aging quotes just bring more sadness "The will is the way, they're one and the same"

It's like a gun to the back of my head It's like a gun to the back of my head Purging out all our evil, blaming the day because we're godless Purging out all our evil,faith is a way to make our cities burn

The poet's write of revelation And everything they see is red A passing phase in imitation The idols call Omega Dead A bullet sold for every free mind take a knee and accept your fate I'll follow you into the white light And make no mistake, I'm not afraid

Bittersweet Revenge

Well I’ve had it up to here With your lies and foolish games You’re melo…dramatic And more than I can take You twist everything I say Then pin me to the ground My complaints fall on deaf ears In silence they resound Suddenly you see what you’ve done, done to me My revenge will cut you deep

Exhausted, my resources Broken, my resolve You left your mark Above you, I’ll evolve You strike my chest and heart Then lie to my face Your deception fools noone Now leave me, without a trace Suddenly you see what you’ve done, done to me My revenge shows you defeat

I give up, I’ve failed Everything we could have had Just because the bullshit Is too much for my head You can let the door hit your ass as You walk out of my life I know we’re both better off this way All this brought was pain and strife Suddenly you see what you’ve done, done to me My revenge is bittersweet


Struttin on the street and makin a scene Devil green eyes that make the men scream If only they had known you were unclean Baby keep on breaking 'em down As she's lickin her lips and shackin her tits She knows this life's a lie and it's makin her sick Every time she cries, they'll fall for her trick Baby keep on breaking 'em down!

And I seem to fight my denial through my life And in my bitter mind i see you... In your wrong skin!

All the guys dunno that the shit she is sayin It's just a part of the bigger game she's playin She's never gonna regret their time that she's wasted Baby keep on bringin 'em down This little chick keeps makin them beg Fuck you, you bitch, don't mess with my head I'm the better man, so fuck what you said Baby won't be bringin me down!

Everything you do is makin me sick

Color Me

Do I pay little attention if any at all Or do I seem complacent, lost in my own little world You bring me down another level, in hopes of seeing your way Hear my side, you'll see what hides deepest in my soul

Color me, color me ignorant I get lost in a moment with you

So now you think I'm egotistic or perhaps conceited Over-self-righteous until the end? To knock me off my pedestal and fall my way to you I'll wear this shade of grey with pride, and this I will defend:

Color me, color me apathetic Cuz all I care about is you

You seem to believe I am nothing Have nothing And will be nothing Under the faulty impression that I have no song to sing Now hear me scream!

Color me, color me fortunate Just because I still have you

Color me fortunate Color me ignorant Color me apathetic Erase these colors and bleed through