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Sociopathetic (Trash)

I gave you shelter from the rain Along with your family that you’ve led astray Your hustle’s a scam; give up the charade I’m done with your games; go find your own way

Nobody struggles to remember All of the fucked up things they did Thoughts wash, rinse, and repeat in Cycles ‘round their head

You brought this upon yourself You’re seeking heaven but keep finding hell I’m surprised at how big your head can swell I’m sick of your ego, just back up and bail

Do I make myself clear? Wish you would just disappear

I’m not telling you how to live your life But I don’t have to make you part of mine

Stupid, lazy, overzealous pride You think you’ve found a place to just chill and get high You’ve sadly mistaken this for a free ride Get out of my face; I’m done with that life

Your needs are too many, where my needs are few If I knew then what I know now, we’d be through I won’t fall in to your web of deceit You can’t see the light of day; you’re in so deep I have no regrets; life has too little time I think I’ll keep this smile – it suits me just fine You sycophant, I’m just so sick of you If I knew then what I know now, we’d be through


From the darkness I emerge into a crowd A sea of bodies parts for me, screaming out loud I approach an empty stage – or at least it seems to be But a lone figure appears in front, looking down at me

A warning comes with the Buffalo Man; A nightmare, so to speak So beware of what he offers you He’ll strike you where you’re weak

A buffalo’s head rests on the neck of a man 7 feet tall “Get up here and look around,”– he paused – as if that’s not all “They’re here for you, now get to work, don’t you think it’s time to rest...” “...I have so much more to show you, son, enjoy it while it lasts!”

He gave me all my hopes and dreams, with hesitation as he spoke “You have to open your eyes sometime,” he said, and that’s when I awoke!

Having heard about the buffalo man from legendary past I knew better than to fall for his tricks, then wind up down on my ass So I fought the urge to turn around just to pacify him Instead I closed my eyes to the crowd that had suddenly grown dim

The Ascent

I'm trying to navigate this labyrinth of life With not even a star light's guide

Swine in suits define the truth Align with their views or find yourself labeled pariah I refuse to persecute in this reconstituted union I am a pariah

I am a lie; All that's me is fantasy Driven by addiction and anxiety Dying to be the best me I can be But I look into society and all I see is (pain)

Pigs leading sheep in an endless parade And if you deviate they take your voice away Ideals thicker than blood and love are the rage Teaching, feeding, breeding hate

How do I ascend, when the ladder to heaven does not exist? How do I ascend, when I am just a pig like them?

Existential Angst

I feel it choking me; it’s making me stop mid-breath My body is pushing against itself Now I want to escape my constricting skin No relief in sight, just desire to give in

I can barely see me now This shadow swallows me whole I cannot breathe in or out I need relief but there is only misery With nothing to show

I cannot make it mine, it isn’t even me I’ll just do what I have to, In hopes of fitting in This is the way it is, I cannot let you down Your disappointment kills me, so I give in

I can start over every day and still end up the same way Everywhere you look there are eyes Snap out of it and look alive They'll have to ask why, you'll have to lie

You can’t expect them to be Bothered with your logic your emotion your dreams There’s got to be more to life than working for a living When there’s too much month at the end of the money


Giddy up motherfuckers y'all know who this be We beer fueled, here to, drink your whiskey That's fire-water, better watch your daughter round me For she end up in the bed of my f-150 Riding me like a pony, like Gin-u-wine Middle fingers up to the fucking swine I ain't Johnny cash I don't walk the line I practice DUI just to pass the time I like my women loose, I like my loosies rolled tight With a knife tucked if you fucks wanna fight If you value your life you won't fuck with us Cuz we get buck wild and we're out for blood

We're here to paint this town red With 10 gallon hats on 5 gallon heads Trucks with 44's, fuck your Lexus Cuz everything’s, everything’s bigger in Texas We're here to paint this town red Get your woman's boots under our beds Big tit's, big asses like hour glasses Cuz everything’s everything bigger in Texas

Gotta band of roving outlaws rolling with me We deadly, lynching enemies with guitar strings Then we cut em down and bury em six feet deep Let time turn em into Texas Tea I'll knock out your teeth with my belt buckle Beat you in the street with it wrapped around my knuckles I'll tussle any muscle trying to hustle me You wanna beef mother fucker I’ll be your Huckleberry

Getty up motherfuckers lets party tonight Raise hell, raise hell, make this place this ignite Everything’s, everything’s bigger in Texas Everything’s, everything’s better in Texas

Burning Bridges

I have forgiven a lot, you have shown no change Now I’ve forgiven enough, your apathy is the same You have gone too far this time for me to allow Room for your excuses, nothing can save you now

Pour the gas, light the match, there is No crossing, no turning back Don't plead your case, don’t try to stay This bridge is burned, just walk away

Too soon to forget, too late for remorse No patience to forgive you, without recourse This parting is sweet, but in no way sorrow The time has come to leave you cold and hollow

I know people like you are a dime a dozen I am better off without “fair weather” friends I know better than to count on you

Don't come at me as though nothing has happened There's no path for us that leads to the same end You've provided the fuel, and you lit the flame No apology of yours can wash it away


We blindly reach for independence But as dependents we defend our right to deny it Everywhere we go we show we know nothing About how to treat one another Our colors divide what once was united Our state of mind split over who we're all fighting Hypocrisy writes our moral code of ethics Red, white, and blue won't define our genetics

Fair's fair, unless you have it better What's good for the goose ain't enough for the gander

Brainwashing placebo Forget it, just an excuse to abuse Ignorance is bliss but What the fuck is your excuse

Effectively persuasive purveyors of hate Casting their images of victim mentality Starting riots, inciting violence, only proving Our nation is bred for hostility This hate isn't natural, it's taught, it's learned Then the cycle starts again Over and over and over we start wars Our forefathers never wanted

Like stones we throw our hate and fear Get it together, America, or why the fuck live here

Take your pill


Take up your cause, I'll stick with mine Until again our paths intertwine I'm done with your childish (bullshit) drama this is life What did you expect?

You whine and moan You gripe and bitch and you put All the blame on me Look in the mirror you little Fool only a coward will you see

Real life has its ups and Real life has its downs I know This is hard to hear I hate to see others Repeat my mistakes but now They're yours to bare


Window Pain Reflection

I dreamed a window, 'thought what is this?' I saw a man, his life was less than bliss Poor and drunk and all alone again Sure looks like he could use a win He's got a dead-end job, debts are piling up Doesn't look like he could give a fuck Takes another shot just to ease his pain Then he tried to stand up, just to fall again

He has no car, says his feet can lead him So he walks to work, cold and defeated He seems to believe that getting laid Is so much better than what he's getting paid His priorities? The man doesn't give a damn Thinking someone should lend him a hand But then I took a step back, only to see The window is a mirror and the man is me

The pain he felt; only temporary The cards he'd been dealt, were a familiarity This window pane; in actuality A mirror reflecting my insecurity

Well then I woke up and looked in the mirror Looking back at me was nothing to fear It's a few years later on down the road The path I lead now is something to boast A better job, a car, and a beautiful wife Music is the icing on the cake of my life and love In fact, I've found a way This is the man that is here to stay

We The People

Day by day we're losing waves again This time it's on the ground This time it's in our home And rise against the greater good is lost Becoming something more to save us from ourselves Breaking our bones stealing our souls for nothing but our sickened pleasure Breaking our bones taking its toll for nothing more than wicked wisdom If we the people don't back down then nothing can take us back Can we the people rise again from the farewell Separate the ideals we hate Define the lines again and show where we stand Hold your ground and prepare the crowd For our final stand to save us from ourselves See in between Lines divide Resist the rift Find peace inside Dawn will come Night dies Resist the rift Rise to fight