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Without Sacrifice / Blog

We The People

Day by day we're losing waves again This time it's on the ground This time it's in our home And rise against the greater good is lost Becoming something more to save us from ourselves Breaking our bones stealing our souls for nothing but our sickened pleasure Breaking our bones taking its toll for nothing more than wicked wisdom If we the people don't back down then nothing can take us back Can we the people rise again from the farewell Separate the ideals we hate Define the lines again and show where we stand Hold your ground and prepare the crowd For our final stand to save us from ourselves See in between Lines divide Resist the rift Find peace inside Dawn will come Night dies Resist the rift Rise to fight


Never a though between, who's right or wrong, just let em believe I'm severed, from all the need, but you still feel the need to come at me Whatever, and I'm at a loss, for all the care, it never stops and I'm lost again

Feet on the ground, nowhere but down, here we go again Face to the curb, livid and hurt, here I'm stolen

Ever the fainter of heart, it's not your place to feel the loss Given a place to be, cold hard bitch that's hard to see Never was stolen from me, I'm at a loss, it's taken from me and I am lost again


Running through the woods, further from the lights Encounters in the dark, raise your fist and...

Fight for all that's left. Blood, sweat, your last breath When sorrow makes its rounds, stand tall, hold your ground Encounters in the dark, where kings are made and broken Lives lost and fates are chosen

It breathes in me, the wars we breed It breathes in me, a "hate disease"

Somber and complacent, I sit here just as faceless Levity and chaos, it's our nature, black clouds with demon faces Encounters in the dark, where kings are made and broken Lives taken when fates are chosen

Encounters in the dark are made, games in life and death are played A fearsome trend that never ends, days are getting dark again These encounters are where our lives begin

Fall down on your needs, and give in to the lack of reason Leaders spawn new treason, break out and defeat them Encounters in the dark our kings are chosen It's you and me, let's fix what we've broken

Star Scream

One for the makeshift, two for the break-neck I'm here for your martyrdom. Baby, here it comes I'm sick with your distress, fires, and protests A heart's only hardened when it's stone I see in black and red a popular miscontent of all these little things that I now have Want you to make me, one for the made me I am not the only me

I'm awake while suffocating, Heaven help me, I'm not living. Black skies and white lights Send poltergeists in pinstripes that Make the stars scream and bleed To share their shine now for you

Here comes the breakdown, all eyes and ears now Listen to your bullshit, I can't take it Liars and cheaters, thieves and deceivers Preying on your precious mind and you give in It's like a war zone, here they could call home And all this hatred is dropped like bombs

One for the makeshift, two for the break-neck Ready for your martyrdom? 'Cause here it goes Far from the end game, pictures in still frame There's a black-lit reflection caught in your eye I can't seem to break you, move, push, or shake you You still have a warcry with no sacrifice

One for the makeshift Two for the break-neck There goes your martyrdom Now stop your crying

Omega Dead

A word of warning for the future masses The house he built is falling apart We've stood aside as the building crashes And we wonder why life's so hard I've prayed for days to end the madness But the cloth is worn and filled with shame Their aging quotes just bring more sadness "The will is the way, they're one and the same"

It's like a gun to the back of my head It's like a gun to the back of my head Purging out all our evil, blaming the day because we're godless Purging out all our evil,faith is a way to make our cities burn

The poet's write of revelation And everything they see is red A passing phase in imitation The idols call Omega Dead A bullet sold for every free mind take a knee and accept your fate I'll follow you into the white light And make no mistake, I'm not afraid

Longing for Serenity

Taking me back, back to the black Told ya before, I'm never comin back Break for the stars, and reach for the sky We tear through the 'verse on a firefly Jayne get your gun, were goin for a run Wash, make a burn and find another world Book say a prayer when we're all scared Shoot em al down for our gorram share

Raise up your middle finger, break down all the systems Burn through this awful world and make me a fucking victim Lie down right beside me, tell me that you miss it Whisper ever so softly that I dream of you

Two by two, those hands of blue, Beobei, believe they're comin for you Takin the jobs when we can ,doin dirty deeds to fuck with the man A leaf in the wind, Wash brings us in Doc get the girl to dance again

Fight or flight the firefly will survive To run, to crawl, find a way to carry on

Two by two those hands of blue Baobei, believe they're comin for you Break through the dawn, the 'verse, and the sky Life ain't bad on a firefly Reavers in the way, don't be afraid Big damn heroes will save the day... and... Don't be afraid I am okay I'm not the hero that you seek I am the fucking hero you all need

Dirt Nap

A sucker punched prick, when the needle's too thick My sickened sense of self has taken a trip I don't see fault and lack all regret Remorse is for the weak and those who are dead set In falling down, falling down

Without war, without sacrifice, a loss of words and a sense of compromise And when I die, feel no compassion, it's a loss of life and a legendary action And I don't care

This lovely life's short, but what's it all for. I came to battle once and settled my score.

Blood Diamond

Never falter, never fail. Even when you're facing hell Push hard fufill your dreams ya know they mean everything Blood diamonds in your eyes, steer clear from demise Fear will be the only block, fucking break it down and never stop And follow me through fear, follow me through fear

Follow your heart; if it breaks down, pick it back up Follow your pride; if it crumbles down, build it back up Follow your heart; if it breaks down, pick it back up Follow your pride, follow me through fear

Like a cancerous impurity, fear makes it hard to breathe, hard to sleep and hard to see Carefully we step ahead, breaking down all our dread Never faltered and never failed, I led myself out of hell So follow me through fear Follow me through fear

Alley Cat Echo

Wake me up

I've never felt bad about the pain or all your tears Little did ya know I was helpin ya with fear But ya never saw it till after I was gone Now you know the tough love was right, when it felt wrong Beaten, battered, and bruised, betcha never had a clue as that what I was tryin to do Was the same thing I'd hope you'd, if you were me and I were you and both in different shoes It may never be the same but keep it in your train, I did what I did to keep your ass sane To help you pave your way, to help you seize the day. I can see you make your way, and it's like I'm waking up

Walk with me, my fight is gone, but this fire rages on inside and I'm never looking back at the way I raised your ass, the fire rises up cause I lit the match, I and I alone was the one makin you strong cause I AM FOREVER x2

Wake me up

Alive and fully breathing, but you keep perceiving that I'm gone but I'm not, I'm never leaving. I'm here in heart and soul, still guiding, still leading I know I'm not the hero of this story, but without me this book would be so boring So I lit you up, locked you up, and checked your ass homie, only to bring you closer to my soliloquy. Just so ya know, I love ya bro, so never let go, and carry for this show. Go forth, walk tall, and and shake shit up. I know ya will, cause no matter what, it's like waking up


Tip your glass back and let it soak in Never quite sure how the night's gonna end I'll take my chances, let's have some fun Name your poison Had a few today, Jack, Jim, and the mist Drown my mind out to an ignorant bliss Shyne's a lil strong, but it'll be the one It's my poison

Pour another day straight down the drain Take out your bottle bottle, boy, drink, drink, drink Live out the night like it was your last Slam'm down kids, drink'm fast, fast, fast Its not a crime, we live our lives

Night goes on and the girls start to shyne Blitzed off the moon, and I still got mine Ain't goin' down till I see the sun It's my poison Take up a stool and let's start to sin Gimme a sec, whiskey, or gin Lemme get some room cause I'm on a run It's my poison

Shoutin out last call but my throat's still dry Gather 'round, boys, let's finsh the night Call to the keep and fill up a mug What's your poison Slam 'em down quick cause the sun's comin fast Drank all night and it kicked our ass I'll take one more just to keep my buzz Love that poison

Night's all over an i'm alive within Maybe tomorrow we'll do it again I love the burn of shyne in my blood Sweet lil poison These are the days that you'll never take back All those times that we could act like an ass Live life well, like we're number one Shyne's my poison