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Help me out and re-post http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJr1UXK-95o&feature=channel_video_title

PBR,Smokes and BBQ

well another week has gone by... I'm kinda stuck on writing music.. but the Digital CD release is not till November.. So I think i have some time till then.. which will give me more time to promote! Since I've been stuck on this process I been spending time with friends and family... Drinking Pbr and BBQing... well I'm off.. thanks for checking in and I will keep you update as much as i can...


Promote promote promote!!!!!!!!! need to promote more!! lol its like a drug i need it more! more! more!!!! well ever since my last blog entry I've posted a couple songs? or a song i cant remember but I'm trying to promote is as much as i can! well I'm off to promote more!! see you next week!!!


Allergies,cigarettes,hate and Android

just like the title says it... past week has been really crazy!!! trying to quit smoking but its kinda hard so I'm smoking singles lol... allergies suck ass!! they will always be there... and the rest is blah... I will try to update this every week....