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Latest Murphy Brown news:

We've got our first Knitting Factory show next month! The staff there has been really cool to us, and we were able to get some of our favorite local acts from here and the tri-cities on the bill, so needless to say we're really excited about it.

Hopefully we'll have a lot of new merch to sell at the KF show since we gave the rest of our old shirts away at Carr's Corner when we played there on Halloween! Shirts, stickers, CDs, maybe some other stuff if we can get it in time.

The upcoming EP is in the final mixing stages and it'll be sent off for mastering next week. It's a short one (3 songs) but we feel it's a good representation of everything we've written as a band. We produced, engineered, and are mixing everything ourselves in our studio, so it's been quite a long process but it's going to sound 100% like us and we can't wait to get it out there.

We plan on playing a lot of shows from next month through fall; so far we've got one in April with SHSTL and we'll also be playing with Fuck the Facts sometime in late summer/fall. In the meantime we'll be writing new songs for a full length album that we'll record next winter. We're also hoping to find some management so we can spend more time rocking and less time talking about ourselves!

Thanks for everyone's support - MB