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Sorry, I just have to share... Wow! What a great Sunday morning! I have just been BLESSED with an advanced listening of the soon to be released Cincinnati Sinners album... Since it has no title yet I will simply refer to them as the Unreleased Sins... These Unreleased Sins are scheduled to be unleashed in February and one listen will have you wondering why the Sinners weren't asked backed for the Lost Weekend. If you haven't already done so go buy the new single "She's The One", that alone should have you jonesing for MOR. Speaking of Jones, that takes me to "CS Jones" what a rocker!! Getting kicked in the teeth never felt so good, and our friend Rudy Garcia is laying down such a nasty bass line on this one that he'll make the Fat Bottom Girls world go round!! LOL!!! And the Sinner's take on Clapton's "Cocaine" is as incredible as it is original!! And I want to mention one MOR track (as it may be my favorite) the ballad "Tears". Let me quote a line from it "the hardest part of letting go... is not allowing pain to show..."... I know just reading the words touches your heart doesn't it? I'll say so no more... just look for it in February...

Argentina Rockin The Sinners by Luis Lopez


Argentinian Sinners had the privilege to listen to the first takes of the new songs that will be included in the second Cincinnati Sinners´ album, and let me tell you that, if these are the first takes, when the record is released we will have one of the best albums of 2013. “Cocksucker Jones” starts the party with all the strength, speed, and a classic Hard Rock sound in which Smoke and Rudy shine, running along the diapason at high speed. And with Russell´s lyrics, it´s not hard to imagine a blonde in a red dress looking for an easy prey in the most rockin´ joint in town. “I Ain´t Going Back To Jail”, from its beginning, promises to be one of those songs that you love at first listen, and it delivers. After the intro drums, that sound like ones from an execution, Elmer brings back speed and electricity to a song that deserves to be on the “grea test jailhouse Rock n´ Roll songs” list, along with “Jailbreak” and “Dead, Jail or Rock N´ Roll”…Here come the cops! And Smoke´s solo and speed are unbelievable on this one, too! In “She Wants Her Daddy” we stand before a classic Hard Rock song that must be included in every live concert , with cuts in between that invite the fans to scream “hey!”, and the advise is, when you listen to this song, take the carpet out and dance! High speed cymbals open “The More I See You” a songs that sounds so classic as if it was from the 70´s, but at the same time so present, with a lot of strength, where the band shines again, with catchy choruses and riffs, and a drum kit that sounds as if it were kicking your ribs from a mile a away! The cover of Eric Clapton´s “Cocaine” is catchy and rocking, and honors one of the greatest songs from one of the best bluesmen we have, showing the Sinners´ roots. And saving the best for last (at least for me), a song that a lot of argentinian Cincinnati Sinners fans have been waiting for, the ballad “Tears Fall Like Rain”, with lyrics that seem to have been written by candle light on a stormy night, with a glass of wine, thinking about long lost love. Its acoustic intro reminds you of the best moments of the genre, and another excellent Smoke´s solo crowns one of the best songs in the album, that has to become a single. The band sounds tighter than ever, individually and collectively, the Sinners have musically and personally evolved, and with this album they didn´t take a step ahead, they took four! This new album is highly recommendable, in every sense, and we can´t wait to see them live!

Tearin up the Charts

She's the One - new single

#8 on Class X (Cincinnati OH)

#7 on KHRN (Dallas TX)

Just picked up by Hair Metal Mansion

Official release 10.11.12 - Can't Wait!!!

The Cincinnati Sinners to play Riverfest September 2, 2012 Cincinnati, Ohio

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Elizabeth Bentley The Cincinnati Sinners to play Riverfest September 2, 2012 Cincinnati, Ohio — August 6, 2012

Broad Horizon Records, Inc. is pleased to announce that The Cincinnati Sinners will be playing this year's Riverfest.

Hot on the trail of the release of their new single, She's the One, The Cincinnati Sinners were invited to be one of 5 local bands to play the nation's biggest Labor Day Party; Riverfest, or as it is more commonly known, The Cincinnati Bell / WEBN Fireworks.

The Fireworks started in 1977 as a celebration of 10 years of decadence by local radio station, WEBN. 80,000 people showed up in what would become the nation's biggest summer blowout; growing in popularity and size, year after year after year. Several sponsors have come and gone (Hudepohl Brewery, Pepsi, Toyota) but one thing continues; a spectacular show by Rozzi's Fireworks (Loveland OH) a synchronized soundtrack by the area's largest Rock Station, and a ton of fun provided by some of the area's best vendors and local musicians. The event routinely draws over 500,000 people to the Cincinnati Riverfront and is celebrating it's 35th anniversary this year.

Fronted by Russell Jinkens (CJSS/Prizoner) and backed by Stephen 'Smoke' Krause (Guitar), Rudy Garcia (Bass), and Elmer Monk (Drums) The Cincinnati Sinners are excited to be playing the prestigious and coveted event. Having opened for Sebastian Bach, Jackyl, Quiet Riot, and appearing on the Monsters of Rock Cruise and Spike TV's Bar Rescue within the last 12 months, the guys are seasoned and ready to go.

Their first single, Thunder, got modest airplay while their follow up, She's the One seems to be THE one for the Sinners. Already in heavy rotation on Cincinnati stations due to the band's addition to the fireworks festivities, a full fledged radio campaign for the single kicks off 10.11.12.

WEBN is a commercial album oriented rock (AOR) station licensed in Cincinnati and owned by Clear Channel Communications. The station serves the greater Cincinnati area since 1967 and is the home of many Cincinnati personalities. Besides a standard analog transmission, WEBN broadcasts over two HD Radio channels, and is available online via iHeartRadio.

Cincinnati Bell is the dominant tele communications provider for Cincinnati, Ohio and neighboring suburbs in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.Cincinnati Bell partnered with WEBN in 2007 to help sponsor the event.

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Sebastian Bach & Cincinnati Sinners

S.B. & the Sinners will be appearing at Inner Circle in Cincinnati, Ohio May 11th...Plan to be there! Will be one-helluva show!!!

Monsters of Rock Cruise

We will be SAILING from Ft Lauderdale to Key West to Nassau with Cinderella, Tesla, Kix, Stryper, UFO, Y&T, Night Ranger, Lynch Mob, Firehouse, Black ‘n Blue, Bang Tango, Faster Pussycat, Keel, XYZ, John Corabi, Eric Martin, Rhino Bucket, Flametal, Helix, Odin, DC4.... I think this is gonna be FUN!


The CINCINNATI SINNERS debut EP, SINNERS 6PAK is available on TOUCH TUNES...Please show your support and play a few of our tunes at your favorite entertainment venue!!! THANKS

Downloads in Canada, Japan and Austrralia!!!

Cincinnati Sinners are being downloaded in Canada, Japan and Australia... We wanna thank Brian Basher and Hard Rock Nights for their support! Rock on!!!

"Thunder" added to ClassX Radio Rotation!

Broad Horizon Records, Inc. Thanks to Bill Spry & the team at Class X radio for adding The Cincinnati Sinners THUNDER to regular rotation!!! Class X can be heard in the Greater Cincinnati area on 88.9 / 89.1 FM - the areas best AOR station, bar none!!!

Kevin "Bert" Ray Review

.From Kevin Ray who wrote into the cincyvibe article.... Most rock bands these days, when they go into the studio to record their material, the final product comes out to well- polished, and the whole premise of rock n roll is lost in the production. Not with Cincinnati Sinners! Not since the days of recordings such as AC/DC's Let There Be Rock, and Powerage have I heard a recording come out so Raw and "in your face", the way rock n roll is meant to sound like. When listning to their recording it sounds like it was recorded LIVE, in the studio! You can not only hear, but you can FEEL the music as it almost seems as if the Wooffers and Tweeters in your speakers are going to jump out of their cabinets!! Give a listen, (and crank up the volume), and get ready to hear Rock n Roll the way it was meant to be!!! .