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Blame A Rapper:

It seems people are quick to always point the finger at rap music like it's responsible for all the ills of society. The truth is everything people blame rap music for existed before rap was invented. Rap didn't invent violence, the N word or sexual explicit content, of course you have artist that glorify the negative but that's true with any profession. You have teachers who care less about educating the students, you have doctors who don't care about there patients well being , you have pastors that's only concerned about the money and exploit the members I can go on and on. The difference is when you see, or hear about a pastor misleading the people you don't categories all pastors but that's what happens with rappers everybody get put in the same box. Usually when people talk about the negativity in rap music they only mention the most popular artist or the ones with the most commercial success which proves they on the outside looking in and know nothing about Hip Hop in general. For every Rick Ross there's a Immortal Technique for every Lil Wayne there's a Jay Electronica in other words the balance is there, but the balance you don't hear. The concept that negativity sells wasn't invented by rappers just look at the news, internet, or TV so what make you think the radio is going to be any different. The truth is most people that complain are the same ones supporting the negativity they complain about I call that a sheep counting sheep.

Food For Thought:

The Best Teacher Of The Future Is The Past


I just posted all the songs from my latest project Canvas on my profile page, listen to them and let me know what you think... The project will also be available to purchase here, it's also available on ITunes and Amazon.

The Album Of The Year:

I made the album of the year with Canvas of course some might disagree but I challenge you to compare my project with your favorite hip hop project not only will Canvas be more creative but it will be pound for pound better...