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Long Night Coming On Hits #4 on the Texas Music Chart!

Making this six top 10 singles in a row for Mark.


Stompin Ground hits the top 10 on the Texas chart

Stompin’ Ground, Mark’s forth consecutive top ten single from his debut Get It On, hit the top ten on the Texas Music chart this week. In response to the news, Mark cut a special acoustic version of Stompin’ Ground and Super Loud Music is giving away free mp3’s of the track’s acoustic, custom mixes for free at MarkMcKinney.com

“We wanted to give local markets that supported us early on a special mix with a shout out to their town”. “We did over 30 mixes of this single and wanted to make sure that the people who wanted it could get it,” said Rob Dennis president of SLM.

Mark has been hard at work in the studio with manager/producer Rob Dennis (the fray, Lynyrd Skynyrd, CCR) working on the follow up to Get It On. Tentively titled Middle America, the new album finds McKinney in a more laid back mood. “We’ve recorded two ballads this time,” said McKinney. “My favorite one is called Long Night Coming On that I co-wrote with Kevin Fowler. Who would expect us to write a ballad? Hey rednecks have a soft side too.” Other current favorites are 21st Century Cowboy & Middle America. After playing more than 450 dates in support of Get It On McKinney feels like he has made a better record this time around. “This is the record that I’ve always wanted to make and I can’t wait for my fans to get to hear it”.


Lots of Cool Things Happening...

Mark McKinney’s new single, ‘Stompin’ Ground’, debuted at 32 on the Texas Music Chart. This was his greatest jump ever, gaining 20 spots and 300 spins in just two weeks. Thanks to all of you who called your local radio station and requested Stompin’ Ground. We really appreciate all of you MM fans and how much you guys pitch in and help Mark! Keep up the good work!

In case you haven’t heard, Mark just signed an endorsement deal with Anheuser Busch. He is really excited about the opportunities that this partnership will bring. Great things are certainly in the future and we can’t wait to share everything with everyone!

Mark will be hitting the road again this week. He is preparing for a twelve day run that will take him to Big Texas in in Webster, TX (9th), Dallas Stars Game Opener at the American Airlines Center (10th), West TX Bike Rally in Big Lake TX (11th), then on to Nashville to work on his NEW ALBUM, the State fair of Texas (18th). It’s been hard with the demands of his touring schedule to find time to get the next record started. We can’t wait for you guys to hear the new music. Mark has been working hard on the road and it shows in the tone of the new music.

So, as you can see, lots of good things are happening lately. Hope to see you down the road somewhere.

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Jelly Doughnut

I'm very excited about everyone getting to hear these new songs I've been writing. Pretty much what i've been doing every night for the last several months, seems like late at night is when i usually get inspired to write. Maybe it has something to do with the moon? Ha.. Starting work on the new album. It is always fun to dive into a project like this, figure out exactly what you want to do, how it should sound, what songs should make it etc.. Boy it's so strange being on the road for 4 or 5 days performing at 11 or 12 at night and getting to bed at 4 in the morning, then coming home and trying to get to bed at 10 or something. I often just about dose off, but suddenly I fill with energy at 11 or 12, as if my body or internal clock knows it's show time..... I am a night person, but often have early things I have to get up and tend to.. I like the saying you can sleep when your dead, but if you don't get enough sleep it really can make you grumpy. I think the band and I do a pretty great job of not getting to grumpy on the road, even though there is often several nights in a row of very little sleep. They say less than 6 hours a night is bad but more than 8 is also bad, it has sure been a long while but I sure can remember enjoying a long 10 hour rest after several days of little sleep. God that feels good. Oh the good old days. I wonder if these dam gas prices are gonna keep going up, you know now we would be so excited to see even $3.00 a gal. We have been conditioned to accept this new high price way of life, we need to quickly make the jump into some other kind of energy, asap, there are to many reasons not to do it and quickly, we definitely could if we really wanted, I mean hell we put a man on the moon...... but boy did that burn some fuel, haha.. Anyway. Life will all work out, I think we as a human race are getting smarter about reacting quicker to problems and solving them, politics aside, or at least that is what we need to start doing. Come together as humans, trying to solve problems. Gotta think about the future generations, we are only here a tiny moment in time, so you better get started if you're gonna leave your mark. MM

Stompin' Ground

Hey guys,

"Stompin Ground" is now officially released to radio yesterday, Sept 23rd! I really think folks can relate it this song... We all have that place where we grew up that we always call our old stompin ground. I am very excited about starting on my new CD very soon. I have all kinds of new songs written... I think this new album will be better than the last, even though many of you tell me how much you love "Get it On."

Music has always been something in my life that keeps me sane...I really find peace in writting songs, getting play them for people is a whole other great feeling. Thank God I get to do these things,


Get It On featured release on iTunes for second week!

Mark McKinney's debut release "Get It On" is the featured release on iTunes along with, Sugar Land and Gretchen Wilson. With Bonfire topping the Texas charts and the video being played on GAC there was new interest in the 54 week old title. Bonfire is Mark's third consecutive hit from his debut Get It On. His forth single will ship to radio in the coming months.

Stay tuned for details!

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Get It On

Medina Lake Outlaw
Medina Lake Outlaw  (over 9 years ago)

Just gotta say Mark, I knew it, man!

Bonfire video to torch a TV near you


Check out my new video for my current single Bonfire. We took split screens to a new level.


Happy Birthday Willie!

It was a day like many others, the big warm West Texas sun was burning down, a good breeze was blowing, and I didn't have to go to school. But there was something very special about that Saturday afternoon. My Mom and Dad were taking me and my older brother Eric to a concert. Some country singer was playing out on our local high school football field. We got there early, and found a good spot on the grass around the thirty yard-line. We spread out a blanket, and waited for the show to begin. The crowd started to roar, then I remember a guy walking out with an old acoustic guitar, a bright red head band around his head, and two long pig-tails. I watched as the crowd cheered, and sang along all afternoon. I must have only been 5 or 6 years old, and that Willie Nelson concert was my very first concert experience. But from that day forward I was a true Willie fan. I knew that music would always have a special place in my heart. Years later I had the privilege of meeting Willie while playing bass for his daughter (Paul Nelsons') band for a short while. I will always remember getting to shake a legends' hand. That was a day I will never forget. Today (Wed.) Willie turned 75 years old. I will always be so thankful for the music and memories he has given to us.

God Bless Willie!!!! MM

Mark McKinney review


Great Bonfire review

From Music Row critic Robert K Oermann 04/04/08

Every now and again I am reminded of just how diverse the country format can be, and today was one of those days.

We have everything from the spare, acoustic sound of Kathy Mattea’s superb new music to the borderline rock of Mark McKinney. There’s the edgy cool of Eric Church and the straight-ahead honky-tonk of Aaron Watson. There’s gospel from Dolly Parton and symphonic cowboy music from Michael Martin Murphey. 04/04/08

MARK McKINNEY/Bonfire Writer: Mark McKinney; Producer: Rob Dennis ; Publisher: Good’N’Loud/Super Loud, BMI; Super Loud (track) (www.markmckinney.com) —This scrappy little stomper is punctuated by wailing harmonica and electric guitar. Mark’s snarling vocal does the rest. For the rocking side of your country palate.

Get It On