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Ya win some. Ya lose some.

So the Waka Winter Classic didn't turn out exactly as we'd hoped, but we did get a pretty big turnout in for being from Fort Worth. Also, we filled up a party bus full of people and brought them out to help with votes. There's always next year. Anyway, the show at Caves Lounge in Arlington is tonight and we are geared up to ROCK THE HOUSE! Caves is usually packed on Saturday nights and we anticipate a HUGE turnout! Plus, we get all the Coors Original we can drink! Sweet ACTION! Thanks to all who showed up last night and to all who plan to show up tonight at Caves!! Love you all and thanks for all of your support.

13 Days to Glory

We have absolutely zero time to waste to get people out to the Waka Winter Classic out in Dallas, since it approaching so quickly. What is so awkward about the booking is that we were accepted on RN and then booked immediately giving us 3 weeks to get people out. However, if we win the competition on Friday, January 27th at 2826 Arnetic (which is audience-participation-based) we will play at WAKARUSA!!! So..... Here's the deal. We are putting together two party buses leaving Fort Worth at 6pm and returning from Dallas at midnight. It's only $10 (covers the ride and door cost), there will be live musician friends playing on these buses and guess what... BYOB! We plan to have 100 people on these buses. If you would like to sign up for this awesome event email us at info@wethesealions.com and we will send you the necessary information. As always, thanks to all of our fans and we hope to see you out there!

Keep Rockin, WTSL

PS: Honestly if you don't sign up for this event you will be doing yourself the greatest injustice of ALL TIME! This event is going to kick some serious ass and it's super cheap!