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Just needed to write today...I hope you guys enjoy!

Many times people including myself struggle with the idea of transition (the process of changing from one state or condition to another). It can be very uncomfortable, full of uncertainties, unexpected rewards and sometimes major disappointments but yet without transition we remain stagnate….. Transitions occur all the time with family, jobs, friends, moving locations, spiritual growth or even moving from one task to the next. No matter how we look at it...we are always transitioning. The question is: where are YOU transitioning next? For me the question seems so huge and hard to answer fully. With being a 'faith walker', I have an idea of my end result but ultimately God knows exactly where I am, how I am going to get there and my expected end. As 'faith walkers' we may not be sure about the entire process of our move but we can plan and allow God to handle the rest! ;o )

Even with some uncertainties ...I still make the decision to step out and trust God with every situation in my life. He is the omnipotent one, He is God! This year has been one of the most challenging years in my life so far but yet so fulfilling. I end my blog today knowing that God rewards those that diligently seek Him and that all things are working for my good because I love him and have been called for His purpose. You too can have that assurance just keep saying YES to Jesus Christ, His will for your life and he will bring you to an expected end.

Okay I must go now...because I have to sing at a wedding and need to get ready! lol Love you all and Remember THINK it NOW do IT!!!!

I will catch you later on and I must say I promise to do better with my blog ~ Rhonda Rene’ Robinson


This has truly been an amazing journey in my life! God is proving himself to be greater to me than this world. The world is in so much turmoil but yet the Christian believer is able to have the peace that surpasses all understanding! He (GOD) is amazing, he is my provider, my strength and my best friend. He is the forgiver of all sins and healer of both mind body and soul. I don’t mean to be deep but God has proven himself to me every time I needed Him and for that I will FOREVER WORSHIP. No I have not done everything right I just know who has justified me, makes me whole and I am so glad to call him friend! ;o ) God is teaching me how to balance the various areas in my life and I am forever grateful.

When I chose to move forward in pursing my dreams, I now know that the true discovery was realizing who God created me to be and how to trust and depend on him to be my sustainer. Pursuing Kingdom is TRUE WORSHIP! Exercising Mathew 6:33 and Psalms 37:4 lets me know that there is nothing that my God will not give me for His Glory to be revealed. On one of my engagements I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Dr. Cindy Trimm and Bishop George Bloomer and the experience was phenomenal. I am thankful not only for my Spiritual leader in Greensboro, Dr. Charles W. McMurry but thankful to be able to receive from God from unexpected vessels as well!

Never let anyone tell you that something is impossible for if you can believe in it to happen, it can happen to you, TRUST GOD! Once you find your true passion pursue your vision and become an expert in your kingdom assignment! That is when I believe ‘true worship’ occurs in someone’s life. When you are able to live the life God has planned out for you and that you can get to a place in God where he answers your request and can not say no. WOW what a great lifestyle! Walk On Water when pursuing your goals in life knowing God will not let you fall...Go Forth! If it seems as though you can’t make it in this season GO FORTH! When everything seems to be working against you pray and GO FORTH!

Now is not the time to compromise or give up on what you believe in to be the TRUTH which is the Word of God. Let us continue to stand up for what we believe in and know to be right. May 8th is a huge day for North Carolina Citizens. I may loose some likes, twitter friends, and facebook friends after I say this but...let’s take a stand! I do not believe marriage should be shared between same sex partners male to male or female to female. I believe that a God ordained marriage is shared between a male and female. That is why I am voting FOR THE AMMENDMENT on May 8th. I do believe in loving all people...I just can not compromise the Word of God in any area. God is love so let’s share love and Stand for what is right. I am not bashing or sharing evil communication I am expressing how I believe and hope that those of you in North Carolina would take the time to vote on May 8th FOR THE AMMENDMENT!

Oh YES I have some great ministry opportunities coming up and I would love to see you at some of them! Also if you would like for me to come to your next event contact the team today at booking@rhondalive.com (336) 252-8974

Love you all! And until next time ~~~ FOREVER WORSHIP

Think It NOW Do it!

3/15/12 How many times do you have an idea and never pursue the dream? How many times do you allow the same ole same ole to be your reality? I am allowing my dreams to become the reality of my life! My journey started when I begin to write songs and sing at various venues! After many years of just singing the songs to myself I decided that I should share them with others. So with much excitement and “faith walking” and several talks with my spiritual advisors I planned my first live recording! I am so happy to be able to say that with God’s help and a lot supportive people I completed my first live recording on October 22, 2011 in Greensboro, North Carolina! There is nothing to hard for God when you trust and believe in Him and the things He has placed on the inside of you! #Go Forth! I am having fun getting my marketing packets together for churches and radio stations! I am having so much fun ministering and visiting various churches and I look forward to traveling and meeting you in the future. There is so much work to be done but I know I am equipped, through Jesus Christ, to handle every task ahead of me on this road of ‘making Jesus famous’! As I work with an awesome Music Producer, Chuckey Robinson, and others to complete the Mixing and Mastering of my Debut Album I take time to also pursue some of my other dreams and aspirations, which I will talk about at a later date. I don’t know about you but I want to live a life poured out! I want everything I do to have meaning and purpose! God always “WOW” me with the things He does in my life and because of that I owe Him all of me! He is so amazing I choose to continue to WALK ON WATER! I hope you enjoy this journey with me, and know that God is able to do exceeding and abundantly above all that YOU can ASK or THINK! So THINK BIG!!