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Clips of 2 New Songs

Team TWA, you did it again! We hit another goal, this time 115,000 likes on our FaceBook page, and for that we present you with clips of TWO NEW SONGS. We hope you're happy with what you hear and are excited for the full versions. The clips are located on our Music Tab, so head there to check them out!

Now to reveal the mystery as to what this whole thing is. On June 7th, a month and half from now, we're releasing a Deluxe Edition of Deceiver, which comes chalk full of goodies. Along with the normal 10 tracks, the deluxe contains: Lights And Stones (brand new song), Apologician (brand new song), The Wretched (KC Blitz Remix), 2012 (KC Blitz Remix), The Hounds Of Anubis (Wes Borland Remix) yep the guitarist from Limp Bizkit, The Wretched Music Video (unreleased), 2012 Music Video, Heartless (Kanye West cover) and Over The Mountain (Ozzy Osbourne cover). This will be a digital only release and to not punish anyone who has already bought the record, we're making everything a la carte so you can purchase each track or video individually.

Although Deceiver is less than a year old, we wanted to give you some new music and goodies to keep you busy over the summer. We hope you enjoy! Make sure to keep an eye on our FaceBook page, we're premiering the first song VERY soon.