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Welcome Floyd Hamilton

MOsART welcomes Floyd Hamilton to the MOsART sound. He brings xcellent drums and percussion sounds with him. We're looking to add his "flavor" to the MOsART mix !

New original toonage.....from the MOsART quintet

We've added 3 new original toons written by our bass player, Tim Kostas to our set list; Hey Sister, With A Smile, & The Prophet.....Denise Steindl is singing the lead on these songs. I LOVE EM ! We have another original entitled When I Think of You...deep, dark, kinda Ozzyish I guess. We also added a coupla covers; Wish You Were Here (Floyd), Give Me One Reason (Tracy Chapman), & Black Magic Woman (Santana). :)


A seasoned quintet steeped in all-original music composition and the desire to perform their music...from the soul ! Multiple sounds are generated from these seasoned musicians: Multiple vocals, Cigar Box/Electric/Acoustic guitars, Banjo, Harp, Theremin, Drums/Percussion,.