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Wow ReverbNation!

First of, I want to apologize everybody concerning the hiatus of the band. Lots of shit happened in the band, line up changes and studio dates compromised...

The band is not dead, just on hold for a moment. We're still looking for a drummer so we can get in the studio and doing some shows.

Alex will get his 2nd baby by the end of this year. Dan is playing in Social Fiction, and Urban Aliens with Steven. Beside UA, Steven is working on the 1st album of Idiopthatics before hitting the road again with Kataklysm as a roadie.

I strongly suggest everbody to listen NERVOUS IMPULSE with ex-former members from Empathy Denied(Eric and Yan). They have a new album called "Enough for Dementia" - brutal deathgrind metal at its finest! www.myspace.com/nervousimpulse

Empathy Denied will be back soon!