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St. Augustine Is Incredible!!!!

St.Augustine was truely the highpoint of the tour so far. The vibe was as chill as the sun was hot. Fresh from a remarkably tight show @ Shakedown Street ( 2500 Hillsborough St. Raleigh ) we set up shop and picked up right where we left off 2 days earlier. The crowd was awesome, it is always warming to look up and see the masses shaking their bones, taking pics, and recording. Your energy is a major ingrediant in our musical stew! We greatly appreciate all your generosity and support !! The only downside to the whole night was the early curfew. The upside to the curfew however, ( and bands take note ) when several hundred people are dancing holes in the ground and they shut you down... merch sales go through the roof!! We sold out of the Beandawg sets, as well as several single cds , shirts,and such. For those of you that bought music, Thank You many times over and please burn it and pass it on.We also would like to thank the St. Augustine's finest for being so kind all day and helping to make the day enjoyable for all. Once again St. Augustine, Thank You For A Real Good Time!!!

Happenings From The Road

To say the least tour has been eventful, interesting and trying. We have had alot of fun as well as some dissapointing times. Philly was a bummer!! 1st the inspectors shut us down ( no peddler permits ) , until a nearby lawyer came to our rescue by telleing the chief inspector the statute. The police where the next to make us pack up our gear, however, being told we had inspector hands blessing, we again began setting up. Finally, the representative from the Mann Center showed with the police and our new found lawyer was on a walk about . None the less, we managed to make a little cash and had the time of our lives shooting a scene remake from Up In Smoke on a busy Philly street. Hopefully you can find that video here http://youtu.be/X3qO1ziRLn0

The next day in New Jersey was everthing lot should be. There was a very nice Shakedown Street set up with us playing at the top. The lot raged all day and we moved a little merch. The Jersey Highway Patrol even got one of our cds. After a long hot day playing, we packed and headed for Brooklyn.

The people in Brooklyn were great and the venue was awesome! We also finally got a descent band picture. We then headed for Wilmington, NC. for another incredibly cool venue with wonderful people that know how to take care of musicians.

Next time maybe we will get into all the hurdles, but that will be a book not a blog!! See everyone in Raleigh tomorrow.


Your Challenge ... Should You Except It

ok ... here is the deal. Somebody ... meaning one of you. Needs to be the first to start a SpongeCake and the Fluff Ramblers Wiki definition. It has to be from someone outside the band. The first one sets the definition and the tone and people can build on it from there. If nothing else it should make for some very unusual and fun defintions, since we don't even know what constitutes a Fluff Rambler. Good Luck on this most interesting challenge. Ramble on !!

SpongeCake on Our Stage Funk Station

Go to ourstage.com and check out some killer music , some from bands you know , some from bands you are going to want to know. Several genres to chose from. To find Spongecakes and the Fluff Ramblers music go to the rock category, then click on more rock stations, then click on funk.You can listen , rank in groups of 4, judge in head to head competitions. Unlike other stations this is not a popularity contest amongst fans , rather a real forum ,getting votes from several listeners and showing results of how the masses voted.

So head on over , sign up for free, and become a fan of Spongecake, and check out all the great music out there!

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Tonight @ Crown Station

Come out to Crown Station for an evening with SpongeCake and the Fluff Ramblers with Case Federal and the Agents.The place should be oozing with groovalicious Jams.

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Listening to this years Beandawg

We are listening to and tracking out this years Beandawg. We will have new stuff up soon as well as a double live cd . Be the first to get your copy . Burn it and pass it, let's get this out to the masses.

Looking For a Couple More Afterparties

Everyone put out your feelers. We still need a venue or private land for Furthur Afterparties for the following cities. Philadelphia, Simpsonville, and St.Augustine.We have time but it's getting closer.Call your friends and families in those areas. Any leads greatly appreciated.Peace , Love, and Fluff

Sunshine State here We Come

Had a wonderful time in Radford Va. last weekend @ KoontzFest, now onto Jacksonville for a Friday show at the Underbelly, and Saturday show @ Chicago Pizza @ The Landing. Chicago Pizza is having $5 pitchers and some killer well specials.Hope to see yall there!