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Please Help!

Please America, please put love first. They are destroying the fabric of humanity with all these gun and bombs issues. We are now living in a permanent war zone and there is no escape unless you put love first. Love your life your neighbor, the earth the animals. We in America have more than any country and we are still not happy. LOVE if the only thing that will stop this Kaos. Please put love first in your lives and the negativity will be starved out and fade away. I love you and I dont even know you. We are all one family, please help to put LOVE first. Thank you One Love for all from my heart VeJah!

Save It!

Save it! Love. The news is spitting images they want you to believe as truth. The truth is we need to save LOVE. Not love for clothes new shiny things or cars or phones, Love for life the earth and everything in it that provides for us. Let us re-educated ourselves with the ways of our elders. If we care enough for the kids comming,, up how can they have hope if we show only destruction. They need love to survive. We All need Love to survive and a planet to survive on. Stay posted! More to come for now find an elder and adopt A Mentor that can teach you something real. I love you and I dont know you! One Love VeJah Mah aka Mic Checka