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Very excited to be finishing up the next record!Thanks to everyone who's made it possible.We think ya`ll are really going to enjoy the sounds!!!

Every Tuesday`s @ Skinny`s Ballroom

You`ll be able to catch The Biscuit Grabbers every Tuesday at the wonderful Skinny`s Ballroom downtown Austin starting the 24th of this month!!

New York City shows in April!!!!!!

Thats right folks The Biscuit Grabbers will be New York City Bound in April......

Koop 91.7 Under the X in Texas

The Biscuit Grabbers will be appearing live on Under the X in Texas hosted by Ted Branson on KOOP 91.7 on Tuesday March 6th. The show airs from 9-11am. If you're not within range of the on the FM dial, go to www.koop.org and stream it. We'll be chatting with Ted, playing some tunes live in the studio and he'll be playing some songs off of the new CD. Also, stay tuned for a time and location for our upcoming CD release party!