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Happy Anniversary to my MySpace Angel!

Today is Terri and my 3rd anniversary. I already gave her present to her. Never can wait to do that. 3rd year is leather according to the Internet (thank you Al Gore) - so I will leave it up to your imagination to what I might have given her. LOL (wickedly). .

..Anyway, a while back I wrote a song called My MySpace Angel (My Facebook Queen) in honor of my wonderful wife, Terri. It is a true story that I lured her in with my Internet marketing on MySpace (remember MySpace?) and it is also true that she is pretty much a Facebook junky. At the time I wrote the song, some of the other stuff wasn't popular yet - so I suppose it is a little dated. That happens fast these days.

Part of the song refers to Al Gore too. Remember him? What you may not know - or recall - is that back in Mr. Gore's run against Bill Clinton for the Democratic Presidential nomination, he was quoted as saying that he invented the Internet. ...So, that is what I am, talking about in this song, when I say "God bless you Al Gore". Now you know.

I am telling you all this because I just recorded a new version of My MySpace Angel for our anniversary. It is better than the old version - just because I get better with time. What a sweet deal that is for my bride!

Happy Anniversary Baby!. I love you!

Randy Lee
Randy Lee  (over 2 years ago)

Wow! Now it is time for #4!! I'm still writing songs about how much I love my Terri. That's a great sign! She says this year is suppose to be "fruit and flowers". ...Who came up with this stuff?! ...Anyway, check out "A Good Thing" - it is my latest love song to my lovely bride.

Georgia's on my mind

I penned a new song about my grand-puppy, Georgia. I posted a cut of it here, along with lyrics and in honor of sweet Georgia the beagle, I've also re-wallpapered the site with some pictures of her. Check it out. I hope you like the song and I know you'll love her.

If I had my druthers...I'd be writing with my brother.

A pretty cool development of late is co-writing with my big brother Brad. Our latest is the song "Heres and Theres" that I just posted on my ReverbNation page.

In this song we talk a little nostalgia... about some things we wish we could go back to. Simple times like riding bicycles on our way to the golf course where we worked as caddis - and waiting for our sons to return from their first days of school - and remembering those beautiful eyes of the one(s) we've loved and conjuring up the memories of their laughter at our foolishness.

Unfortunately for us, our shared losses of our brothers John and Robert; of my son Alex and, most recently, of Brad’s cherished bride Julie give us much of the inspiration for this newest tune.

I suppose putting pen to paper is good therapy in a way. The fact is though just sharing the time (and credit) with my brother is truly a joy for me. I wish it could have come with far less cost though.

The Real John E. Cash

I just uploaded a new, slower version of the song, "The Real John E. Cash". I hope everybody likes it better. I thnk the slower guitar pace allows for a better sound.

The idea for this song came from a weird dream I had a couple weeks ago. In my dream, there was all kinds of nonsense - which has nothing to do with the song - but there was one image that remained in my head when I woke up.

There was an old man in the dream who had a work shirt on with his name on a patch over his left chest. It said "John" in embroidered script.

When the old man turned away from me to help me unload bags from the trunk of my car (in the dream), I noticed one of those iron on name tags on the waist band of his blue work trousers. The name printed in faded black block letters on the fading white tag was "Cash"....

So, when I got up, I sat down and wrote this song "The Real John E. Cash". I think it is my favorite so far. I hope you all like it too. (re - re - Recorded on 4.2.12)

My Brother

We all have people we admire. I hope we do at least. I know I do. I can't speak for everyone - and I know there does seem to be lots less admirable stuff these days.... But, I have always admired my siblings. In fact I've often said I am proud just to be related to them. I mean that! Lately I have learned that my oldest brother, who is already pretty much great at everything - has great words inside him too! Not just great business words or great Dad words or great Big Brother advice words. I knew he had those - and always admired and valued them. No, I am talking about the kind of words we songwriters have. Creative, magically emotional, meaningfully descriptive words that make your mind warm and your heart long. What a wonderful thing to share with a guy who I already thought was just about the greatest human west ofvthe Mississippi! ....I love you Brad! Thanks for sharing.

bradonpawn  (almost 5 years ago)

kind words and constant love make for a mighty fine person - that'd be you little brother!

What I want to be

Free and Rich and Happy.