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Hi! You can download Dinner With Cannibals ep,s "Sell Your Shame" and "The First One" for FREE FREE FREE at www.purevolume.com/DWCannibals or you can do it here if anyone really reads these things. In other News: We are working on finishing up some newer songs to be recorded at the beginning of next month! We will soon have some additional myspace pages up. One with some electronic tec-tastic remixes of Dinner With Cannibals music! The other will have acoustic versions of some of the songs along with videos of us playing them! EXPECT A FRIEND REQUEST! Merch: we are finally gonna have some t-shirts! We are working out designs and will start printing at the end of the month..YOU WILL ALMOST BE ABLE TO CALL US A REAL BAND... nah SHOWS, SHOWS, SHOWS, SHOWS, SHOWS.... We have a few shows lined up in the coming weeks!!!!!! May 2tst: P.T.'s Club Inferno in Denver...... Dinner With Cannibals is playing at the strip club.... DINNER WITH CANNIBALS AND STRIPPERS!!!! you cant beat that with a stick, you can even beat your own stick with that. May 30th: The triple Nickel in Colorado Springs.... this show is at one of the springs bestest punk rock venues. We went in there a couple weeks ago when we played the rocket room down there with our pals from Lost dog found. The place was small and dingy, the people were drunk punk and wild, and the stage is tiny. A perfect place for us!!!!! DWC

yay!!!!!! come out to see us.

hello everyone out in cyber-land, We have just updated our page and included 3 new shows to the calender. For anyone of you in the Denver area that wants to partake in some hot steamy ear sex with Dinner With Cannibals, check the calender and come out to one of our shows! If you are a listeners who enjoy the music we have made add us as friends here and on myspace