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Off to a great start

The demo is released, we have one show under our belt and we are pumped to keep up the momentum. If you want to book us contact us asap. We are always looking to play and share our music. If you want to purchase a demo shoot us a message and we can sell you a hardcopy for $5 in person or $7 shipped/paypal. We hope to keep the ball rolling so we can afford to put out a full length asap!

thanks for the support and friendship thus far!

Chris (and the rest of the guys from Vessel)

Forgotten in the woods again
Forgotten in the woods again  (over 4 years ago)

We are interested in buying a copy of your EP. It would have to be via paypal though. Let us know the details on how to make this happen.
Soul Kisser

Vessel  (over 4 years ago)

sure . you can grab it on our website.. or download it from our website..

or just send paypal to contactvessel@gmail.com and we will get one out to you :)